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Koshka's Kingdom Updates Archive

Welcome to the obligatory archive of this website's past updates, in case anyone is bored enough to actually care about this website's journey. If you simply want to see how much Koshka's Kingdom has come from its early days, feel free to look and laugh at the various old versions available on the Internet Archive.

Table of Contents Pink flower. Spring 2021
Snowflake. Winter 2021
A leaf in Autumn. Autumn 2020
The Sun. Summer 2020

Pink flower. Spring 2021 Pink flower. 19 June 2021
A friend in the #Neocities IRC channel brought to my attention that my image maps weren't functioning in Chromium and its forks for some reason. I looked into the matter and found out that for some some mysterious reasons, the valid XHTML 1.1 Strict syntax for image maps was not supported in these browsers! Luckily, I was able to find a workaround that required changing the standards on the affected pages to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

As of this writing, the World Map on the Portal and World Map pages, as well as the Explorer window on the Mystery Mansion page should now be working fine in all modern(-ish) browsers. *Knocks on wood.* Since Chromium (lamentably) has over 60% of market share in the Web browser world, I felt this change was worthy of an official announcement.

In other news, I finally got my crap together and fixed the RSS feed to fully adhere to official standards, and added a verification button to the Portal to mark the occasion. Exciting news, I know.

18 June 2021
Happy Autistic Pride Day!! In honour of the holiday, I put up a long and detailed look into many potentially mystifying behaviours that many of us autistic folks do, and the reasons for said behaviours, over at the UFO, in order to hopefully foster more and understanding and acceptance.

15 June 2021
Made changes to the Per-Bast and UFO sections to make them render much better on smaller screens. Been too busy dealing with a slew of other problems to do more, but I'm satisfied having the two most important sections on the website finally made accessible to everyone, more or less.

14 June 2021
In the interests of accommodating a friend who reads my site on their phone, I have altered my trajectory and embarked on a journey to... Bast forgive me for uttering these words... make this website more... mobile-friendly. *Furiously spits on the ground in an attempt to alleviate the disgust of having those words sully my tongue.*

Ahem. I've done some research on the matter, and the way the mobile-friendlisation process works means that you fellow sublime PC users will not notice any difference on your end. The website will merely arrange itself differently when presented with a computer that has disabilities (in other words, has a screen that is 750 pixels in width or less). So far the Wildcat Den and Scratching Post are the only sections that have had these adjustments made, but every page will be m*bile-fr**ndly eventually. This, and a new autism-related page for June 18th (Autistic Pride Day) are my current website-related goals.

While it's still comically broken on mobile, I've also done some beautification on the World Map after being inspired by the style of some of Cyber-Witch's illustrious website designs. That's all for now. Koshka out. ❤❤❤

13 June 2021
I put up a detailed analysis of the Sisters of Mercy song "Under the Gun" to the Reptile House, a song that was the favourite Sisters song of my deceased best friend Drac0, as well as one of the most interesting and complicated songs the Sisters have ever made. No immediate plans for what I'll be doing next or when I will be doing it, but since June 18th is Autistic Pride Day, I will most certainly write up something new for the UFO.

As always, be sure to drop by the Neocities IRC channel #Neocities on!

11 June 2021
I did some beautification over on the Scratching Post. I made the text more readable by adding a semi-transparent background colour at ShadowM00n's suggestion, and split the updates into seasons and created a pretty image for each season. It's an insipid throwaway page that's only there as an reference, but I desire for everything on this site to be gorgeous, so this was something that needed to be done.

10 June 2021
I am happy to announce that the entirety of Koshka's Kingdom (~61 pages as of this writing!) has been validated to XHTML1.1 and CSS3 standards, aside from the Jazz Jackrabbit shrine and the Reptile House, both of which use html5 for background music, and the latter of which also uses Internet Explorer's <bgsound> tag to provide a background MIDI to the few who still use a browser capable of utilising the tag.

As some may know, I harbour a vendetta against html5 for (among other reasons) introducing a background music tag without any support for MIDIs, thereby spitting in the face of decades of Web heritage. Nonethless, those two issues aside, the entire website should finally be up to standards.

06 June 2021
Surprise!! I added a small little fan-shrine to the one-and-only Ribrianne (Brianne de Chateau) from Dragon Ball Super to the Dragon Ball section. While she is not at all my favourite character, I have been very disheartened by the amount of vitriol that exists towards her, and wanting to create a little something on the other side of spectrum. In less interesting news, I also validated the goofy Dragon Ball AF Super page to... HTML 3.2 standards.

05 June 2021
I added a new page to the UFO, detailing my personal thoughts on the controversial autistic phenomenon known as autigender (not an actual gender.) I had been sitting on this article for the past two months, pondering whether to finish it, due to the controversy minefield of anything even remotely concerning gender or sexuality. However, this is a matter dear to my heart, and I might as well delete the Library of Babel if I am going to start avoiding controversy, so here it is.

Before I finish, don't forget to get on IRC at #Neocities on! I promise we don't bite. (:

01 June 2021
Updated the Dock with links to Inkscape, the W3 Validator, Little Web Hut, DevGuru, LÆMEUR's Home Page, the official Doom FAQ, GOTH ZONE here on Neocities, Human Raccoon, and perhaps most impressively, a digital recreation of the fabled Library of Babel! Also updated a couple of Affiliate links to be more up to date. You can find descriptions for the links over on the Dock itself. Happy surfing!

Finally, I added a new button to promote the unofficial Neocities IRC channel, #Neocities on Be sure to drop by and say hi! I'll try to be around every day from at least 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM EST.

30 May 2021
I added a new comedy article to the Library of Babel, entitled Children Are Overrated, that attacks some popular child-related platitudes that I find irritating and disagreeable. I also added a new custom sidebar to the entire Library of Babel section, resembling a sideways bookshelf, to better fit the theme of that section. I also fixed all of the coding errors on the Portal, the World Map, the Library of Babel, and Geo City, putting them in compliance with XHTML standards.

After a period of rumination on the subject, I decided to delete my Gab account because I was sick and tired of dealing with ignorant clodhoppers spouting offensive and outlandish conspiracy theories about autism, and my presence on there was doing little to nothing to make this website more popular. It also made me realise how much I detest social media as a whole for being social junk food. Having one less place where I have to interact with people is nice too. I did meet a few intelligent and cool people on there, and I still stand by my recommendation of Gab as being the best social media website out there at the moment.

26 May 2021
I added a new page to the Library of Babel, hosting random humourous observations that do not merit their own article. There's only a few right now, but it'll be another one of those random pages that I add new content to once every now and then.

I also did a bunch of work to bring the site up to XHTML standards. As of now, the entire UFO section, along with Per-Bast, the Wildcat Den, the Scratching Post, and the main Library of Babel are entirely validated. If you're curious to track the progress, I am replacing the "Hard Hat Area" button at the bottom of each page with a click-able official XHTML 1.1 Validation button from the W3 Consortium once it is entirely up to standards. I really don't like that button anymore, and this is a good of a way as any to get rid of it.

I close this post out with a call to GET ON IRC (#Neocities on That is all.

24 May 2021
I added lazy filler pages for the forthcoming Red Forest/Macula's Maze/The Quarry sections, added a GET ON IRC blurb to the Portal, added a new Affiliate to the Portal and the Dock, and did some starter work on getting the website XHTML validated. XHTML validation buttons shall begin populating the website page by page as each page's errors are corrected.

Finally, I added a new "under construction" image to the Mount Paozu section, that I found about a decade ago while trawling an ancient website whose name escapes me. I have no idea who made it as I am no longer able to find any trace of it online, but I did not want it to be lost to the sands of time, so on that page it shall live. Truly tumultuous times around here.

21 May 2021
In the interests of creating a general place for Neocities folks to chat, away from the nightmarish spyware plague known as discord, I have decided to set up an unofficial Neocities-centric IRC channel. If you're interested, head over to #Neocities on! You can hop on via your web browser by using the Mibbit link, although I highly recommend using a client such as Irssi or HexChat for the optimal IRC experience.

In other news, I added a new link to the Dock, to the excellent, a genuine Web 1.0 style repository of information regarding Ancient Greece and, more specifically, the Ancient Greek language. I also updated the Wildcat Den with the aforementioned IRC channel information, and added a goofy dream I had a few days ago to the Somnium over at the Library of Babel.

I was recently helpfully informed that the new scrolling sidebar has an issue where the bottom links are inaccessible to people with some smaller screen resolutions. I am still contemplating which solution to pursue for this, but for anyone else experiencing the issue, I apologise for the inconvenience. Please rely on the World Map until I repair this (likely this weekend.)

17 May 2021
It occurred to me recently how much easier this website would be to navigate in some areas if the sidebar scrolled with the page. It now does just that. I was always averse to simply using frames for the sidebar because it would hinder each section feeling like its own separate world/experience, but this is a nice compromise between frames and my original way of handling the sidebar. I really should have done this to begin with.

I also added links to Fragment and Reflect, Geocities Gallery, Autism UK, and Porkbun over at the Dock, and updated the descriptions for some of my Affiliates to better reflect the current state of their homesteads.

This update does not appear on my Neocities or RSS feeds because I don't like triggering the "cat signal" over relative "minutia".

16 May 2021
I added song analyses for "Flood II" and "Susanne" to the Reptile House, and replaced the regular sidebar over at the Town of ZZT with a funky custom one that better suits the page's design. A few other pages will probably eventually get their own custom sidebars because of how much the default one clashes with their designs, but no promises on when that will happen

15 May 2021
I decided to move Koshka's Kingdom to a custom domain name. From now on, you can get to this website by going to I have absolutely no plans to leave Neocities, so the old URL will also still continue to work.

12 May 2021
I updated the Somnium and the Words/Phrases That I Hate articles over at the Library of Babel, and also renamed the General Griping subsection to "Comedy/General Griping" to better fit its contents.

02 May 2021
I added a new page to the UFO, Discovering My Autism as an Adult, describing my journey of self-discovery after learning that I was autistic.

01 May 2021
After spending far too much time listening to melancholic Sisters of Mercy songs, I had a vision of a more "subdued" yet still cute looking design for the Portal. I can't even keep track of how many times I've re-designed the front page, so no guarantees about how long this iteration will stick around.

I haven't been in a good enough state of mind to write much lately, but I'm hoping to have a new, much-belated page up on the UFO some time tomorrow. The last day of Autism Acceptance Month was yesterday, but better late than never!

27 April 2021
I return from my hiatus with a new article on the UFO section - The Operating System Metaphor. I also made a series of under-the-hood changes all around the website, and gave the 404 page a spiffier design. Macula deserved better than he had.

19 April 2021
Spurred on by the waning of Autism Acceptance Month, I decided to write up yet another new page for the UFO: Debunking the "Autism Epidemic" Myth, which presents several compelling (in my opinion) reasons to believe that the so-called explosion in autism diagnoses over the past few decades is completely nonexistent.

18 April 2021
I added a number of new affiliates (followers) to the Portal and the Dock. That is all.

17 April 2021
I added another new page to the UFO about the Double Empathy Problem, a fascinating theory about autistic and neurotypical interactions, and whether or not autistic differences can be considered deficiencies. Still slowly chipping away at the writer's block.

11 April 2021
I added a new page to the UFO - Life Through Autism-Tinted Glasses - detailing various everyday experiences and events and how they can feel to an autistic person.

10 April 2021
I replaced the buttons on the sidebar with ones that are hopefully easier to read. They look a bit off on a few sections, so I may later make custom buttons for a number of sections, similiar to what I did for the Mystery Mansion.

I haven't been updating much lately due to a perfect of storm of problems, starting with a foot injury that made it difficult to even sit for long and followed by a depressing rut that utterly sapped my mental energy and that I have not yet fully recovered from. I've been working on multiple new pages at once and constantly hitting a wall with each of them. Hopefully I will have something new up some time tomorrow or thereabouts.

04 April 2021
In celebration of Easter, I have put up a Jazz Jackrabbit 1 shrine over on the Mystery Mansion section. This is an interactible page that requires both JavaScript and a browser that allows auto-playing background music (so not Chromium or any of its derivatives) in order to get the full effect.

I know that at least one person is waiting for the Commander Keen 4 shrine (tentatively called The Shadowlands), and that will certainly be the next shrine I do, eventually.

02 April 2021
I added a new page to the UFO - Autism Acceptance vs. Autism Awareness - detailing what autism acceptance entails, why I believe it to be a necessary cause, as well as why it's preferred by autistic people over the mainstream autism awareness.

01 April 2021
I was hoping to have the Autism Acceptance article up today, but lamentably that will have to wait until tomorrow. I have decided to change the UFO sidebar button to something a tad fancier for Autism Acceptance Month in order to draw more attention to it. Expect to see a lot of new content for that section over the course of the month. I also changed the Make the Web Great Again button to a typical one now that everyone has had time to see it, and added a note to the UFO section's main page. Dynamism!

29 March 2021
I finally got around to adding a custom RSS feed. If you would like to subscribe for updates, you can do so by clicking here or by clicking on the RSS icon on the Portal.

28 March 2021
I added a new article to the Library of Babel that details my views on the presence of Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) deities in the modern world: Kemetic Deities in the Modern World, Part 1: Relations to Abrahamic Religions. There will be a second part eventually that will posit a completely different but no less intriguing theory about the roles and origins of Kemetic gods.

I also added Toppo and Dyspo buttons to the Mount Paozu section to complement the Jiren button, added two new Affiliates to the Dock, and updated the World Map.

As some readers may know, March is almost over and as such, Autism Awareness Acceptance month is almost upon us. I have a plethora of ideas for the UFO so I'll probably dedicate a good amount of time over the next month to putting those together. I am also planning/hoping to have the Jazz Jackrabbit fan-shrine up on Easter Sunday (April 4).

27 March 2021
I updated the Haunted House section with reviews to a number of sublime horror tales: Seventeen, Just Bought My Childhood House, Dad's Tapes, The Rodderson Experiments, The Lord of the Scarecrows, and Notes to the Girl Whose House I Live In.

25 March 2021
I am jubilated to announce that Koshka's Kingdom has officially reached 10,000 viewers! Beyond being a (relatively) impressive number, it means that I will henceforth show up in the search results when someone searches for one of the tags that my website has, which shall hopefully provide some much-needed further exposure.

The website has come quite a long way since I first put it up in August 2020 and I'm both happy and grateful that it has gotten so much attention. It's been very fulfilling to have a space on the Web that I can completely customise to my heart's content (for better or for worse), and use as a space to educate other people on subjects dear to my heart and hopefully amuse them in the process.

While the website already has a total of nearly 50 pages (counting the 404 page), I have oodles of additional plans for future content that will come to fruition sooner or later, so please keep checking back in the future. I appreciate every visit, every follower, as well as everyone's feedback! Ɑ:

24 March 2021
I put up a comedic new article on the Library of Babel: Some Driver Behaviours I'm Sick of Encountering. If you liked the angry Babel rants from the early days of the website, this should be right up your alley especially! As of this writing, Koshka's Kingdom is less than 300 viewers short of the vaunted 10,000 mark, so the next update will probably/hopefully be the celebratory one.

22 March 2021
I made a few corrections and updates to the Alternatives to Big Technology Platforms and Programs article and updated the World Map on the Portal and on its own page.

Snowflake. Winter 2021 Snowflake. 21 March 2021
The long-promised Alternatives to Big Technology Platforms and Programs article is finally up at the Library of Babel! The article was a little rushed because I've been in a bad place mentally lately, so please let me know if there's anything that you think I should add. I also added one more Affiliate to the Portal and The Dock.

20 March 2021
I made some much-needed updates to the Haunted House - switching the rather odd tier system with a more understandable five star one, improving some of the writing, and adding some graphics of my own creation to decorate the review lists. The Haunted House, much like the older Babel rants, was a relic of this website's early days when I was just messing around with stuff while drunk and didn't think anyone would actually care to visit the website, and as such needed improvement. There's also a new review up for the tragic feelspasta My Student Submitted the Most Disturbing "Living History" Project I've Ever Seen.

The long-hyped Alternatives to Big Technology article will be up tomorrow. I actually wrote half of it already, but after being forced to attend an unexpected social event today, I am too drained, upset, and angry to work any further on it right now. Sorry. ):

18 March 2021
I added a few new Affiliates to The Portal and The Dock, and also added a button to the Portal for the Times Square Neocities Neighbourhood that this website was recently added to. That is all. My free time has been occupied with Toppo's addition to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 so I haven't gotten around to doing much else.

16 March 2021
The promised DOS/Windows 9x Game Shrines section (now called Mystery Mansion, after Windows 98 Plus!'s Mystery theme) finally has its own page and theme, instead of redirecting straight to the Castle of Doom. Currently, Doom is still the only game with a presence there, but I will eventually be adding shrines for Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit at the very least.

...I haven't forgotten about the Alternatives to Big Technology article. I am continually delaying it because I'm worried I missed something vital. I wanted to put up an update to celebrate the site reaching a total of 7,777 viewers, and this is all I had time to put together. Apologies to anyone waiting for the aforementioned article.

UPDATE #2 (2031 EST): I just remembered that I haven't been keeping my Affiliates list on The Portal and The Dock up to date. Added my new followers to both. A cat's work is never done.

13 March 2021
I put up a brand new section - Make the Web Great Again - a retrowave-themed outline of the principles and ways of the Web 1.0 era World Wide Web, as well as a call for returning to it and some ideas on how we can achieve this. As of now, there are no subsections (yet) but I have linked to a good number of Library of Babel rants on the subject. The promised Babel article about alternatives to big technology is my next priority and should be coming forthwith. But for now, enjoy the new section!

I will update the World Map to reflect the new section and the forthcoming new one of these days, hopefully soon.

12 March 2021
I added a new article to the Library of Babel - Welcome to Neocities! Tips on Creating a Homestead. This has tips on the nuances of Neocities and on website design. It's intended primarily for new users but has tips that could be of benefit to people who have been around for a while as well. The next step is the promised Babel article about alternatives to big technology websites and platforms, followed by a new section that ties these and a few articles together...

09 March 2021
First of all, I want to announce that my dear long-time friend ShadowM00n has set up a comfy little homestead here on Neocities. He's as much of a genuine old Web veteran as I am, knowledgeable in many things, and quite witty. His site already has two articles up as of this writing, so be sure to check it out. You can also find a link to his site on the Affiliates list on the Portal (for anyone wondering why I don't say "this page", I also put updates on The Scratching Post for anyone who cannot stomach the pinkness of the front page).

Now, as alluded to on my Neocities "social page", big things are afoot. As you may have noticed, the sidebar has finally received the large final update that I kept promising. There are five new sections coming eventually (the Castle of Doom is being demoted to a sub-section in a general DOS/Windows 9x fan-shrines section), one as soon as this week. There will be two critical Library of Babel rants that I will have to write as precursors to said section going up, so it'll depend on motivation. Stay tuned!!

07 March 2021
I did another major revamp to the Portal. This should be the last one for a while at least, as I can finally say that I am truly happy with how it looks. For anyone who liked the World Map, you'll be happy to know that there's now a copy of it at the bottom of the Portal.

Beyond this, I also added reviews of two new excellent tales of woe to the Haunted House section - Necrosleep and Meek. I also added a new link to an excellent Commander Keen mod and fangame website to the Dock - Quillax Ship. Enjoy!!

06 March 2021
Long time visitors may remember that I initially promised to create an Image Map for this website before abandoning it due to being bashful about my drawing abilities. Inspiration struck me yesterday however, and I finally went through with creating one! You can find it by clicking here, or near the bottom of the Portal. Make sure you have JavaScript enabled or else it won't function!

I'm planning to make some large tweaks to the Portal one of these days, and perhaps the World Map will live on that page after all is said and done.

04 March 2021
Added a new page to the Mount Paozu section: Dragon Ball AF Super. A satirical page about Dragon Ball Super, in the vein of those ancient Dragon Ball AF sites from the 90s.

28 February 2021
I added a truly fascinating new page to the long-neglected Observatory section - The Time Machine. This is an equal parts pretty, informative, and terrifying look at how the universe is expected to evolve over the next trillions or trillions of trillions of years, based on current scientific knowledge. Highly recommended if you have any curiousity about astrophysics, astronomy, or cosmology.

25 February 2021
Here I am again, already. I put a new rant up at the Library of Babel: It's Past Time to Completely Boycott All Big Technology Companies. I'll probably follow up on that sooner or later with one detailing specific alternatives to all of said companies, but for now I had to get all this off of my chest.

21 February 2021
Made numerous changes spanning every single page on this site. For one, I rearranged the order of the websites in the sidebar. The already endangered old "Koshka's Kingdom" header has officially gone extinct. I finally created unique headers for the Observatory, Town of ZZT, and Haunted House in its place. I also updated the sidebar and buttons on every page that had old versions of them, cleaned up a bunch of under-the-hood CSS issues across the website, added links to my website to the various Mount Paozu subsections that previously lacked them, and modified a number of pages that didn't display properly at smaller resolutions.

The Library of Babel page now has a much better look to it as well. I sorted the rants into categories and made cute icons for each category, so now it's not just a lanky pile of links. Content-wise, I added some more entries to the You Know You're Autistic If... page. Most of the changes in this update are things I kept promising to do once I decided what new sections I would be adding to the sidebar, but at this point I don't think that will happen in the near future. My main focus next is probably going to be in trying to get the website more exposure.

There is sufficient content, and cleaned up and consistent aesthetics on each page, but I am beginning to become quite disillusioned with how few hits the website still gets. Doesn't help that Neocities provides next to no information on site hits so I have no idea if the few visits the site does get are from spambots or people who visit one page and immediately leave. I've been trying to spread the word on my Gab page, and I'll look into other avenues. Most certainly never going to touch mainstream social media with a ten foot pole. There are more dignified methods of selling my soul to the Devil.

20 February 2021
Still on the warpath. I added another new page to the Mount Paozu section: The Conflagration. A nice and torrid fan-shrine to Jiren the Grey from the Dragon Ball Super anime/manga. Enjoy!

19 February 2021
I'm on a rampage this week. I finally created an actual design for the Mount Paozu section after getting fed up with seeing the bare bones page every time I made my rounds around the website to determine what ought to be done next. It's certainly not my best design but it's at least an improvement over the blank page full of construction gifs. The fact that its spot on the sidebar made it likely to be the first substantial section that new visitors would encounter wasn't doing much good for the site's reputation either. I plan to radically change up the utterly haphazard order of the websites on the sidebar whenever I finalise it anyhow.

I made a number of changes to the Dock as well: most notably, I created little "boardwalk advertisement" signs for all of the sub-sections and created a much fancier table of contents using them. I also moved the 'Koshka boat' to the bottom of the page and added a new standard-sized header image in its former place, and also repaired a few spots in the background image that weren't tiling properly. In spite of the name, I am trying to make the page feel like a boardwalk or a pier.

I'll likely get another Library of Babel rant out by the end of the weekend, and maybe a new sub-section for Mount Paozu, before petering out again.

18 February 2021
I updated the UFO section with a humourous new page that imagines how neurotypicals and their behaviours would perhaps be viewed in a world where autistics comprise the vast majority of the population: Neurotypical Disorder.

I also made some tweaks to the design of the UFO section as a whole, namely improving how it displays for people with smaller monitors than my own, and preventing the background from scrolling with the rest of the page in order to give the impression that the "content" section is an actual airborne UFO. A befitting update for the day of the Mars Rover Landing, I daresay.

15 February 2021
Surprise!! I mentioned in yesterday's update that I was planning on creating a new front page, and wound up following through much quicker than intended. Do not fret if you for some reason miss The Scratching Post - this page exists mostly to give this website a prettier face in the Neocities directory. You can still get all of the latest (and oldest) updates from the old Scratching Post page, which will continue to be accessible from the sidebar forever.

Unlike the Post, the old Koshka's Kingdom header will be going away. I slapped it together quickly and haphazardly when I first started putting this website together and never really liked it. As part of this update, I have also finally given The Scratching Post its own unique header. The old "Koshka's Kingdom" header still haunts a number of pages but will eventually disappear once I've created an individual header for every single section.

Beyond the zombie header, the other two big issues that I hope to remedy soon are how abysmal the website looks at smaller resolutions, and the rather sloppy and inconsistent way the CSS is written across pages. These are all issues that stemmed from me re-learning CSS while creating the website, and never thinking very far ahead.

Seeing as Neocities does not like when I upload a lot of HTML files, and the website is comprised of 34 different pages (!) as of this writing, I will likely wait until I have a concrete plan on how many additional sections I will be adding before unleashing the massive site-wide update needed to remedy the aforementioned problems. Lamentably, as a result of this, the sidebar will for now, only accurately reflect the Portal supplanting the Scratching Post as the front page on the main page of each section.

14 February 2021
Yet another big Sunday update. I've added an Autistic Pride page to the UFO section, which celebrates the many positive aspects of autism in an attempt to balance out much of the negative coverage that it has received. I also added the definition for masking to the Autistic Terminology page and fixed a goofy typo on the UFO section's main page. Finally, I added an amusing Dragon Ball-related dream to the Somnium and added a link to YouTuube's page to the Dock.

For anyone who cares, I have begun work on one new main section for this website, but it is not likely to be up any time soon. This is both due to the planned scale of the section and the fact that it will require JavaScript to be functional, and I am still in the beginning stages of learning it. I will also add a spiffy "portal" to serve as the front page for the website because I am not delighted with this page representing the entire site in the Neocities directory listing. There are a number of other new sections that I may or may not also choose to create. Much more to come either way!

I'll close this update off by just wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

10 February 2021
Surprise weekly update! The Castle of Doom section is finally up and running, finally making the sidebar complete!! I... did not actually know what I wanted to put there, so I eventually decided to make it a proper goofy Doom-themed Geocities parody page.

The sidebar may finally be complete, but this website's construction is very far from over. As mentioned in the last update, I am considering adding at least two more main sections, and many of the existing sections - notably the Library of Babel - will continue to expand and expand.

I also updated the Wildcat Den to reflect the fact that I am now on Gab after a friend that read my previous rant convinced me that the website was worth it. I detest social media so I'm unsure that will last long, but it's nice to be able to anonymously (and safe from censorship) vent minor thoughts that don't require a Babel rant or a website section to be dedicated to them. I also added a link to them to the Dock and put up a new Neocities button that I created. I had previously been borrowing lolwut's button for that and I am trying to minimise using other people's graphics unless I cannot create anything that could work in its place on my own. Finally, I made a correction in the Windows 98 rant after being informed that WINE was not an emulator.

07 February 2021
I added a new rant to the Library of Babel page, - "I'm Going back to Windows 98" about my disillusionment with the evolution of the Windows operating system and two-pronged computer-related plans for the future. I also, finally, added a header image to the Library of Babel, as well as a little book icon to the main Babel page.

The header will make its way to all of the sub-pages once I am ready to put up the grand update that cleans up the various minor HTML/CSS issues on each page and updates the buttons bar and sidebar on each page one last time. I currently have plans for at least two more main sections (and of course, quite a number of sub-sections) but we'll see how that all goes. I do not enjoy planning too far ahead with creative projects so as to not confine my future self, so I won't make any specific promises so as to not disappoint anyone if I fail to follow through.

A number of existing sections are in dire need of additional content, and the Doom section is of course not even up yet, so I will most likely remedy these issues before adding any additional sections.

02 February 2021
Very minor update. I grew weary of two sections of this website having the exact same design, and decided to replace this page's background with a vaguely scratching post-esque one, while decorating the Wildcat Den some more to give it a National/State Park cave feel. I wanted to create a whole new design for this page but eventually gave up because it just wouldn't come out right. One of these days, perhaps. Either that or I'll make a brand new portal/front page to serve as the entrance to the website. For now, at least the basic task has been accomplished.

UPDATE #2: I made some tweaks to the Per-Bast page and added a shiny Ankh decoration.

31 January 2021
I guess these giant weekend updates are just going to be a regular thing now. I added an assortment of interesting new things, including (finally) a button for my website. Currently you'll only see it on the pages that I updated this time around, but it will eventually make its way to every page. I also updated the Neocities and Autistic Pride buttons to look cooler. Feel free to use my button if you want to link to my site!

More interestingly, the Reptile House section, dedicated to the Sisters of Mercy band, is finally up. I also added a new rant to the Library of Babel after a month's hiatus of anything new over there. Finally, I added a special new section to the top of the Dock that is dedicated to all of my affiliate websites (followers.) Be sure to pay them a visit!

One of these days, I am hoping to make some changes to the website as a whole to make it look better for people with smaller monitors. I myself am using a 1600 x 1200 resolution, and am starting to realise that the site might not look too good to people with resolutions significantly smaller than that. Right now I am trying to decide whether I plan to add any more sections to the site (very likely but no promises) and any more buttons, because the sidebar and buttons bar have to be updated on every single page and Neocities doesn't like it when I try to update a ton of HTML files at once so I try to do it very sporadically.

24 January 2021
Another busy weekend. I put up a semi-humourous new page at the UFO section - You Know You're Autistic If..., and added an important new entry that I felt needed clarification to the bottom of the Common Autism Myths page.

Likely of more interest to most people, I also finally finished the glorious KamiTube page - an imagining of what the mythical deity-exclusive website from Dragon Ball Super might actually look like, based on YouTube's design from around 15 years ago. Enjoy!

18 January 2021
That was a day well spent. I finally put the very funky-looking UFO (autism) section up. Right now there's just a bunch of basic information but I'll probably expand it as time goes on with additional information, anecdotes, humourous content, etc. I don't really plan things in advance so I don't want to make promises. I also added another new link to the Dock but you can safely assume that this applies to every update.

16 January 2021
And I return. Apologies to anyone who checks this site for updates. I was distracted by other things and had no motivation to attend to this site until I remembered the rant from my last update today and realised that it was a terrible update to immediately follow up on with a hiatus.

I added a new sub-section to the Library of Babel page - the Somnium, which is a place I'll be keeping noteworthy dreams I've had over the decades. I was hesitant to put that on here because of how narcissistic the whole concept is, but I daresay that there's a few good story ideas in all that. I also added five excellent links to the Dock, per tradition.

In light of some recent sordid world events, I want to take a moment to restate my appreciation for Neocities and the haven of Internet freedom that it provides. The tyrannical abuses of power that the world has recently witnessed from technology oligarchs should make everyone both angry and afraid, regardless of one's political affiliation. The famous "first they came" poem is as relevant as ever today.

For anyone looking to flee the big technology plantation in search of freer pastures, I can recommend the various guides at Dig Deeper here on Neocities and this article on The Gateway Pundit (just please ignore their awful recommendation to use the dreaded Brave browser) as some resources for where to start. Wiby and (of course) Neocities are portals for countless creative and informative Web 1.0 sites, and there are still a plethora of small independent web forums and IRC channels that are free from the censorship and spying of billionaire transnational corporations.

In spite of how much it may seem like a cold, censored corporate stripmall, much of the web is still a vibrant, free, and fun frontier where anyone can theoretically carve out a space for themselves and their passions. Let's keep it that way.

31 December 2020
I meant to update on Christmas but lost track of time due to video games and other affairs, and just barely got it done before New Years Eve was over came around in a different time zone. Oops. I added a rather dark rant about suicide and the mainstream treatment of the subject - a morbid thing that nonetheless I feel needs to be expressed somewhere. On a more pleasant note, there's also a bunch of new creepypasta reviews over at the Haunted House and some new links to wonderful websites.

I hope everyone reading this has a pleasant night and a wonderful 2021! I won't bother saying anything about drinking responsibly because being hungover is the perfect way to start off a new year -- if you start off at the bottom, you can't go anywhere but up.

22 December 2020
I put up another overly long-winded rant to the Library of Babel, this time about how irritatingly loud the modern world is - a subject that grinds my gears every time I am forced to go outside. I also did some more tweaking to the Dock's design. More to come, soon!

A leaf in Autumn. Autumn 2020 A leaf in Autumn. 17 December 2020
I added some more decoration to the Dock page, as well as a bit more meaningless information to the Wildcat Den page. I think I'm finally happy with how the Dock looks so the only additional changes that will be forthcoming there will be the neverending trickle of new links to groovy sites. Not much of an update, but I'll hopefully have a lot more time/energy to work on this site after this week is over.

13 December 2020 (again)
Added 8 more links to the Dock. I had to head out the door and I was frantically trying to finish updating my website before I did so, only to realise after leaving that I had a second list of sites to add in another text file somewhere. SCANDALOUS! That's probably it for today.

UPDATE #3: I just realised that a few of the sites on the Dock have web buttons so I put those on the page just to be fancy. Even made two buttons for two sites that did not have one. I also created a ship wheel to decorate the page with. I am beginning to realise just how sorely lacking in images this site is. Definitely done for the day.

13 December 2020
I cleaned up the Dock by splitting up a few of the categories, which have become quite overgrown, and then promptly undid my efforts by adding ten new links. Happy exploring! (:

11 December 2020
After some unfortunate real life events forced me into radio silence, I am back with the longest Library of Babel rant yet: a sort of sequel to the Normiefication rant that details my personal beliefs on web design. I'll probably update again before the weekend is over, even if just to add a number of new links to the Dock.

29 November 2020
Added images to the sidebar in place of the text links that were there before. For the first time in months, every page on this website should finally have an up to date sidebar. I am tempted to add some more sections in the future, but I might be able to find excuses to squeeze them inside existing sections to avoid having to update every single page yet again.

Speaking of which - I took a page out of lolwut's metaphorical book and added a Guestbook to the Library of Babel section utilising HTML Comment Box. I wanted one here since day one but did not know that there was such an elegant and simple way to get one. You can find it by visiting that section or by clicking here. A bit of an odd place to put it, but it fits the naming scheme so whatever.

26 November 2020
After spending quite a few hours procrastinating on cooking Thanksgiving dinner by working on the website, I finally managed to finish some important work. The Per-Bast section, about the Kemetic Goddess Bast, is finally complete. Additionally, the Dock/Links page finally has a design. I kinda wish I had spent longer working on the latter but I was tired and it's still quite a few steps up from the borderline unreadable 10 second design that it had previously. I also added a new category to the Dock to help keep things better organised and added yet a few more links.

For anyone that may care, I just finally figured out how to access the RSS feed for this website. If you want to get a notification when I update (and you don't have a Neocities account,) you can subscribe to this feed. That's it for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

24 November 2020
Added a new rant to the Library of Babel page about something that I have been meaning to speak up about for quite some time now - the superiourity of written/typed communication over verbal/in-person communication. There are also half a dozen new creepypasta reviews over at the Haunted House, and a few new links over at the Dock. Finally, I just learned that Neocities allows for 404 pages and as such have added a basic one. You can view it by clicking here or by simply attempting to navigate to any nonexistent page or file here. It's not much but I have been searching for an excuse to use that cute/creepy little Evil Eye from Doom somewhere, and am pleased that it now has a whole page to call home.

One of these days I'm going to either finish making a real design for the Dock or just replace it with something bare bones because it annoys me every time I have to go over there. I'm probably going to add more categories too because I have clearly underestimated how large that page was going to grow when I first made it.

I might update again before that's over with, but if I don't, Happy Thanksgiving to any American/Brazilian people reading this!!

21 November 2020
I put up a new rant on the Library of Babel page, and added yet two more links to the Dock page. Happy reading and/or exploring! (:

15 November 2020
I wasn't planning on doing two updates this weekend, but I had a sudden fit of inspiration/boredom and wound up creating something nice for the Mount Paozu (Dragon Ball) page -- a representation of what the "Spacebook" referenced in Team Four Star's DBZ Abridged might look like if it existed in Dragon Ball Super. It doesn't quite resemble facebook but I am very rusty when it comes to CSS so whatever. I also made it purple both because I don't like the colour blue, and because I figure that if a multiversal social media thing existed in DBS, it may likely be owned by Freeza or Beerus. I also added a new link on the Dock, per tradition. Enjoy!

14 November 2020
I re-arranged the site layout a touch -- there is now an obligatory "About Me" page called Wildcat Den. This page (the news/updates page) is now called the Scratching Post (har har) instead. I guess this page will need a new design eventually. There's also a few new creepypasta reviews up on the Haunted House page, and two new links on the Dock.

Neocities doesn't seem to like it when I try to upload too many .html files at once, so I think I'm going to wait until every single page is up before making sure that the sidebar is up to date on every single page. I'm sure there's a fancy modern solution that allows one to avoid updating it manually on each page, but I am too stubbornly old school to use it even if I knew what it was. For now, just go to the front page or the Dock if you need an up-to-date sidebar, as those two get updated every time I update anything on here.

While I'm ranting, I want to give a big thank you to our friends at Wiby - the definitive Web 1.0 search engine - for adding this website to their index. If you haven't checked their search engine out already, you really should.

08 November 2020
I finally put up the Haunted House page. Too late for Halloween, but just in time for the horrifying possibility of the most incompetent and corrupt worms that have ever ran for president successfully cheating their way into ruling the free world. Let us all pray that Ma'at will prevail and this coup will be rightfully put down before it can succeed.

Anyway, I decided to settle for creepypasta reviews for the Haunted House page. Before I created this website, I had a dream about a cool looking Halloween-themed Web 1.0 website, so I wanted to have something like that on here. Only 17 reviews up so far, but I'm lazy and have too many other things to do. I'll keep updating it as time goes on.

02 November 2020
In an uncharacteristic display of not being a complete slacker, I have put up the Town of ZZT page, and also added over a dozen additional links to the Dock. There should be something for everybody over there by now, but if there isn't, feel free to send me any links that you think belong there.

01 November 2020
OK, so I was too lazy to get the Haunted House section up in time for Halloween. I apologize and present this trailer for STALKER 2 as an offering, in the hopes that it may fulfill any spookiness needs that anyone may have.

I did add a new rant to the Library of Babel (and updated the disclaimer,) as well as a good number of new links to the Dock page. I'm slowly remembering good sites that I've seen in the past and forgotten about. With the indexes of most search engines being flooded with crappy web 2.0 garbage, we appear to be in a recurrence of the pre-Google/Altavista era where the best way to find quality websites is through Links pages on other websites, and as such I want to make that page as robust as possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any links that you think I should add. Web 1.0-style pages are preferred.

22 October 2020
Put another (largely political) rant up in the Library of Babel, and added two more links to the Dock/links page. I'm going to make an effort to write the next one while sober and keep it free of politics. There's a lot of interesting stuff that I want to talk about, but right now I'm just getting stuff off my chest and trying to remember how to write again, I guess.

19 October 2020
Added another rant to the Library of Babel page. Also added a much-needed disclaimer to said page. Yay?

13 October 2020
Well, that certainly took a lot longer than I anticipated. I sincerely apologise in case anyone has actually been checking this page and waiting for an update.

There's a new section up now, the Library of Babel, which will serve as a place to hold my many rants about a variety of topics. So far there's only one up, but there is a fancy custom background that took way too much of my time to put together. I also made a number of new buttons for the bottom of each page, added a nice "favicon" of a pink Ankh, and added a number of new links to the links (Dock) page. That's it for now, I think. I am hoping to have the Haunted House page up by Halloween.

The Sun. Summer 2020 The Sun. 24 August 2020
Added the astrophysics section (Observatory) with a nice guide on some theoretical stars and stellar remnants. It has a cooler looking theme than the rest of the site, but I am still debating on whether I want to use something like it for the rest of the site or not as it is not very Geocities-esque. More fun stuff to come as soon as I am able to put it together!

14 August 2020
Added a Dragon Ball section (Mount Paozu Hat) with an (hopefully) entertaining page dedicated to everybody's favourite Kaioshin. Also added a fancy(-ish) header. This site is slowly starting to come together! Also, also made the background darker for better readability at the suggestion of a friend and scaled it up a bit to my personal preference. It's now kind of pixelated, but also looks more like rocks. (:

09 August 2020
So it wound up taking a lot longer than I had hoped, but I finally got some basic work done on this website. I renovated this page with some nice graphics, all of which were made by me aside from the little animated construction worker gif on the top right (which came from an "Under Construction" gif compendium from the original Geocities) and added a fairly robust Links page. Still not much to see here, but at least anybody who visits can at least be directed towards places with actual content. No solid plans on what comes next. I have a number of projects that I am either working on here and there or considering working on. Notably I have a few Dragon Ball fanfictions and other stuff planned out, and a pretty good ZZT game from years ago that I still haven't finished.

04 August 2020
Finally got around to putting something (however meager) together on here. Not much so far besides the barest backbone of a front page but it's a start. I made and put some buttons on the bottom of the page too. I want to eventually cut out the sidebar and replace it with a nice image map but I haven't done much pixel art in the past however many years so I don't feel confident trying to do that yet. Perhaps if I'm not too sleepy after work I'll at least decorate or flesh out this sad little page a bit.

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