Library of Babel

The Portal
Make WWW Great Again
Mount Paozu
DOS/Win9x Game Shrines
Town of ZZT
The Quarry
Library of Babel
Red Forest
Haunted House
Macula's Maze
Reptile House
Wildcat Den
The Scratching Post
The PortalUFOPer-BastMake WWW Great AgainMount PaozuDOS/Win9x Game ShrinesTown of ZZTThe ObservatoryThe QuarryLibrary of BabelRed ForestHaunted HouseMacula's MazeReptile HouseKoshkaIRCWildcat DenThe Scratching PostThe Dock

Words/Phrases That I Hate

17 March 2024 Update
28 August 2021 Update
12 May 2021 Update
I guess that's all that I can think of for now. Thankfully I make a point to not talk to other people aside from basic, necessary interactions, or else this list might have been much longer. I might update it in the future if I think of anything else.