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Koshka's Kitchen
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Paleo/Coconut Diet Recipes

Greetings and welcome to my humble little online joint! Here I will be putting up various swanky recipes that I have created over the years. As returning visitors know, I am autistic and as such, do not have a very diverse diet. Nonetheless, everyone who has ever eaten anything I have prepared has consistently found it to be the cat's meow, for whatever that may count. I reckon it's only natural that if one does the exact same thing over and over, they'll inevitably become very good at doing it...

Most if not all of the recipes I will be providing here will be Paleo-friendly. For those that don't know their onions, the Paleo diet involves abstaining from any and all foods that were not consumed in the Paleolithic era approximately 10,000 years ago. Opinions vary greatly as to the effectiveness of this regimen, but I personally have experienced numerous benefits from trying it, including dramatic weight loss, radically improved body odour, and a general increase in energy.

Since traditional flour and a number of other common ingredients are not allowed under Paleo, many people who try out Paleo, such as myself, rely heavily on coconut flour and coconut oil in recipes. Although I do not eat a strict Paleo diet anymore, I have continued using coconut-derived ingredients in all of my recipes as I have found them to be far more delicious and healthy than their traditional alternatives.

Since most of the recipes here are the culminations of many wayward experiments, I will not always be very scientific when it comes to measurements, at least when it comes to cooking. Any baking recipes provided here will come with very specific measurements, as any baker worth their salt knows how easy it is to ruin a baked good by adding a slightly incorrect amount of an ingredient


Purple retro diner stool. Coconut-Fried Lemon Tuna Purple retro diner stool.

Ingredients needed:

  1. Mix roughly equal amounts of ginger, onion powder, garlic powder, (sea) salt, and black pepper up in a small container, to taste. Ginger has a truly euphoric effect when combined with the tuna, coconut flour, and lemon juice so you may want to use extra amounts of it relative to the other spices.
  2. Melt coconut oil on the frying pan enough to comfortably cover it. Coconut flour sucks up an inordinate amount of moisture, so it's better to use more coconut oil than less, especially if you haven't used these ingredients enough to eyeball the measurements.
  3. Briefly wash the tuna steaks, before rinsing them in lemon juice.
  4. Cover tuna steaks in a comfortable layer of the spice mix, to taste. More is better in this recipe, in my opinion.
  5. Place the tuna in the plastic bags and pour in some more lemon juice, as well as some gracious spoonfuls of coconut flour. Shake the plastic bags until the tuna is completely covered in coconut flour. Add more flour if necessary.
  6. Turn the heat on the stove up to medium-ish, and place the tuna steaks on the pan.
  7. Let fry for 6-8 minutes or until the bottom side is browned. Make sure to not fry for too long or the tuna will begin filling up with carcinogens, and the spices will rapidly lose their flavour. Once the bottom side is done, flip the tuna over and fry the other side the same way.
  8. Place the lid on the frying pan and set the heat to the lowest possible setting. Let fry for approximately 5 more minutes. This last step will ensure that the center of the tuna is thoroughly cooked (an important concern given that fish is almost universally sold frozen) and will also make the tuna more tender.

Purple retro diner stool. Coconut-Entombed Popcorn Chicken Purple retro diner stool.

Ingredients needed:

  1. Mix salt and spices together in a small container, to taste. I personally use extra salt and paprika and equal amounts of everything else. Chicken without paprika is akin to a pizza without sauce in my opinion, so more is always merrier.
  2. Melt a generous amount of coconut oil on the frying pan on low heat. Once again, coconut flour is a voracious black hole for liquids, and we are going to have a lot of it here.
  3. Wash chicken breasts and cut them into small pieces or strips, to taste.
  4. Put cut-up chicken breasts into a bowl and add salt/spice mix on top of them. Shuffle and rub them around with a spoon or with hands until spices are adequately redistributed.
  5. Cover the chicken breasts in enough coconut flour to comfortably blanket them and repeat the shuffling/rubbing procedure from before.
  6. Break egg open into a small bowl and beat it with a thin knife or a spoon. Add egg into the chicken bowl and redistribute it once more.
  7. Add Panko crumbs or coconut flakes, depending on preference, and redistribute them across the chicken pieces.
  8. Drop as much chicken as will fit on the surface of the frying pan. Change heat to medium and let fry for ~8-10 minutes or until one side is browned, before flipping over and frying for 8 more minutes or until both sides of the chicken are browned.
  9. Fry the other half of the chicken as mentioned in the previous step.