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You found this website's secret (ish) area! I had been wanting to create a (potential) to do list for future content but did not want to get anyone's hopes up with false or delayed promises. I suppose making said list a "secret area" eases my conscience, as it is. As of 18 September 2021, this is what is currently either in progress or in planning. Also as of 19 June 2021, the promised future additions on this page are finally sorted by approximate order of when they can be expected, with the ones that may or may not ever occur at the very bottom.

Section Content Status/Expected Release
The Quarry Evolutionary Biology stuff, likely separate pages for each geological period, exploring the conditions and the various flora and fauna that lived in said era. First sub-section coming soon-ish!
Mount Paozu A fanfiction inspired by my Staircases of Babel dream. Son Goku and friends (and Freeza) are thrust by Fu into the Kanousei Realm - an enigmatic world outside of reality that is connected to every timeline that could ever conceivably exist. As they frantically try to find their way back in time for the second Tournament of Power, the group finds themselves confronted by a number of familiar evildoers from alternate timelines, from Cell to the dreaded immortal Merged Zamasu from Future Trunks' revived original timeline.

Just as light appears at the end of the tunnel in the form of some old friends from Future Trunks' timeline showing up to help, the warriors that fate brought together suddenly find themselves in the sights of Anise, an inconceivably powerful sorceress from the doomed Universe 13. With their backs to the wall, Jiren, Son Goku, and the rest must push themselves to their utmost limits as they fight to protect their worlds, and discover Universe 13's shrouded past and the reason for its erasure by Zeno.

Cautiously optimistic that I may actually start working on this soon...
UFO A follow-up article on the Intense World theory with a number of new observations and ideas on the spectrum Coming sooner or later
UFO All Dragon Ball Characters Are Autistic (theory) Coming sooner or later
Macula's Maze A test run of the adventure as an online text adventure powered by the Inform engine, after ShadowM00n helpfully convinced me to try this method to make it easier to put things together and allow for maximum interactibility Coming eventually
Mystery Mansion Haunted Manor (Monster Bash fanshrine) Halloween 2021
Library of Babel A breakdown of my (apparently quite unorthodox) workflow for this website Coming eventually
Library of Babel Corrections and additions to Alternatives to Big Technology Platforms and Programs Soon (as I've been saying for the past five months or so)
Library of Babel Kemetic Deities in the Modern World, Part 2: Allegories for the Physical Processes of the Universe? article Coming eventually
Observatory Tribute to legendary deceased physicist Freeman Dyson, exploring his Dyson Tree idea Coming eventually
Miscellaneous Modified or brand new signs for the sidebar for a few sections (Per-Bast, The Quarry, Haunted House, Reptile House, and the Dock) to better fit their colour schemes. Coming eventually.
Reptile House Analyses of Alice, Nine While Nine, Never Land Coming eventually
Mystery Mansion Burrowsville (Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Christmas Chronicles fanshrine) Christmas 2021
Red Forest Guide to obtaining all of the glitchy "collectibles" in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, from the well known to the ones so obscure that only a handful of players have ever found them! Coming as soon as I can either find where my years-old notes on the subject went, or when I can remember on my own.
Mount Paozu A fanfiction tackling a completely rebooted version of the Evil/Shadow Dragons form Dragon Ball GT. 1 year after the Tournament of Power, Jiren, Ribrianne, and Freeza all set out to collect the Super Dragon Balls for their own reasons only to discover that 17's wish to bring back the erased menace has unleashed enough Minus Energy to free a group of indomitable eldritch beings that were born when Zarama first created the cosmos. Marinating in my head for approximately forever, waiting for writing skills/confidence in writing skills.
Library of Babel Observations and thoughts on the Noosphere (Collective Conscious) This is a subject I've been ruminating on for a decade now, so I am still gathering all of my thoughts, and my notes.
Macula's Maze A sort of HTML/JavaScript pseudo-"text adventure" taking place in a whimsical yet creepy parallel dimension that is also the home world of Macula (the Evil Eye that lives on the 404 page) and the main pages of most sections. Coming one day in the distant future, when writing abilities and JavaScript knowledge improve sufficiently.
Library of Babel Theory on why we sleep May or may not happen.
UFO Article exploring the social motivation theory May or may not happen
Mystery Mansion More possible fanshrines (currently considering Commander Keen 1 or 6, Crystal Caves, Wacky Wheels, Garfield: Caught in the Act, etc but no promises!) May or may not happen.
UFO Article on suspected autistic historical figures May or may not happen

I suppose this may also be a good place to mention that Macula (the Evil Eye) can "speak". If you hover your mouse over him on a page he haunts, he will give some page-related dialogue. The forthcoming Macula's Maze section was meant to be a secret area that one could only get to via a hidden link that Macula hints at the existence of, but I changed my mind after figuring no one would be bored enough to actually find it.

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