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19 June 2021
A friend in the #Neocities IRC channel brought to my attention that my image maps weren't functioning in Chromium and its forks for some reason. I looked into the matter and found out that for some some mysterious reasons, the valid XHTML 1.1 Strict syntax for image maps was not supported in these browsers! Luckily, I was able to find a workaround that required changing the standards on the affected pages to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

As of this writing, the World Map on the Portal and World Map pages, as well as the Explorer window on the Mystery Mansion page should now be working fine in all modern(-ish) browsers. *Knocks on wood.* Since Chromium (lamentably) has over 60% of market share in the Web browser world, I felt this change was worthy of an official announcement.

In other news, I finally got my crap together and fixed the RSS feed to fully adhere to official standards, and added a verification button to the Portal to mark the occasion. Exciting news, I know.

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18 June 2021
Happy Autistic Pride Day!! In honour of the holiday, I put up a long and detailed look into many potentially mystifying behaviours that many of us autistic folks do, and the reasons for said behaviours, over at the UFO, in order to hopefully foster more and understanding and acceptance.

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15 June 2021
Made changes to the Per-Bast and UFO sections to make them render much better on smaller screens. Been too busy dealing with a slew of other problems to do more, but I'm satisfied having the two most important sections on the website finally made accessible to everyone, more or less.

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14 June 2021
In the interests of accommodating a friend who reads my site on their phone, I have altered my trajectory and embarked on a journey to... Bast forgive me for uttering these words... make this website more... mobile-friendly. *Furiously spits on the ground in an attempt to alleviate the disgust of having those words sully my tongue.*

Ahem. I've done some research on the matter, and the way it works means that you fellow sublime PC users will not notice any difference on your end. The website will merely arrange itself differently when presented with a computer that has disabilities (in other words, is 800 pixels in width or less). So far the Wildcat Den and Scratching Post are the only sections that have had these adjustments made.

While it's still comically broken on mobile, I've also done some beautification on the World Map after being inspired by the style of some of Cyber-Witch's illustrious website designs. That's all for now. Koshka out. ❤❤❤

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13 June 2021
I put up a detailed analysis of the Sisters of Mercy song "Under the Gun" to the Reptile House, a song that was the favourite Sisters song of my deceased best friend Drac0, as well as one of the most interesting and complicated songs the Sisters have ever made. No immediate plans for what I'll be doing next or when I will be doing it, but since June 18th is Autistic Pride Day, I will most certainly write up something new for the UFO.

As always, be sure to drop by the Neocities IRC channel #Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net!

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11 June 2021
I did some beautification over on the Scratching Post. I made the text more readable by adding a semi-transparent background colour at ShadowM00n's suggestion, and split the updates into seasons and created a pretty image for each season. It's an insipid throwaway page that's only there as an reference, but I desire for everything on this site to be gorgeous, so this was something that needed to be done.

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10 June 2021
I am happy to announce that the entirety of Koshka's Kingdom (~61 pages as of this writing!) has been validated to XHTML1.1 and CSS3 standards, aside from the Jazz Jackrabbit shrine and the Reptile House, both of which use html5 for background music, and the latter of which also uses Internet Explorer's <bgsound> tag to provide a background MIDI to the few who still use a browser capable of utilising the tag.

As some may know, I harbour a vendetta against html5 for (among other reasons) introducing a background music tag without any support for MIDIs, thereby spitting in the face of decades of Web heritage. Nonethless, those two issues aside, the entire website should finally be up to standards.

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06 June 2021
Surprise!! I added a small little fan-shrine to the one-and-only Ribrianne (Brianne de Chateau) from Dragon Ball Super to the Dragon Ball section. While she is not at all my favourite character, I have been very disheartened by the amount of vitriol that exists towards her, and wanting to create a little something on the other side of spectrum. In less interesting news, I also validated the goofy Dragon Ball AF Super page to... HTML 3.2 standards.

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05 June 2021
I added a new page to the UFO, detailing my personal thoughts on the controversial autistic phenomenon known as autigender (not an actual gender.) I had been sitting on this article for the past two months, pondering whether to finish it, due to the controversy minefield of anything even remotely concerning gender or sexuality. However, this is a matter dear to my heart, and I might as well delete the Library of Babel if I am going to start avoiding controversy, so here it is.

Before I finish, don't forget to get on IRC at #Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net! I promise we don't bite. (:

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01 June 2021
Updated the Dock with links to Inkscape, the W3 Validator, Little Web Hut, DevGuru, LÆMEUR's Home Page, the official Doom FAQ, GOTH ZONE here on Neocities, Human Raccoon, and perhaps most impressively, a digital recreation of the fabled Library of Babel! Also updated a couple of Affiliate links to be more up to date. You can find descriptions for the links over on the Dock itself. Happy surfing!

Finally, I added a new button to promote the unofficial Neocities IRC channel, #Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net. Be sure to drop by and say hi! I'll try to be around every day from at least 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM EST.

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30 May 2021
I added a new comedy article to the Library of Babel, entitled Children Are Overrated, that attacks some popular child-related platitudes that I find irritating and disagreeable. I also added a new custom sidebar to the entire Library of Babel section, resembling a sideways bookshelf, to better fit the theme of that section. I also fixed all of the coding errors on the Portal, the World Map, the Library of Babel, and Geo City, putting them in compliance with XHTML standards.

After a period of rumination on the subject, I decided to delete my Gab account because I was sick and tired of dealing with ignorant clodhoppers spouting offensive and outlandish conspiracy theories about autism, and my presence on there was doing little to nothing to make this website more popular. It also made me realise how much I detest social media as a whole for being social junk food. Having one less place where I have to interact with people is nice too. I did meet a few intelligent and cool people on there, and I still stand by my recommendation of Gab as being the best social media website out there at the moment.

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26 May 2021
I added a new page to the Library of Babel, hosting random humourous observations that do not merit their own article. There's only a few right now, but it'll be another one of those random pages that I add new content to once every now and then.

I also did a bunch of work to bring the site up to XHTML standards. As of now, the entire UFO section, along with Per-Bast, the Wildcat Den, the Scratching Post, and the main Library of Babel are entirely validated. If you're curious to track the progress, I am replacing the "Hard Hat Area" button at the bottom of each page with a click-able official XHTML 1.1 Validation button from the W3 Consortium once it is entirely up to standards. I really don't like that button anymore, and this is a good of a way as any to get rid of it.

I close this post out with a call to GET ON IRC (#Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net.) That is all.

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24 May 2021
I added lazy filler pages for the forthcoming Red Forest/Macula's Maze/The Quarry sections, added a GET ON IRC blurb to the Portal, added a new Affiliate to the Portal and the Dock, and did some starter work on getting the website XHTML validated. XHTML validation buttons shall begin populating the website page by page as each page's errors are corrected.

Finally, I added a new "under construction" image to the Mount Paozu section, that I found about a decade ago while trawling an ancient website whose name escapes me. I have no idea who made it as I am no longer able to find any trace of it online, but I did not want it to be lost to the sands of time, so on that page it shall live. Truly tumultuous times around here.

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21 May 2021
In the interests of creating a general place for Neocities folks to chat, away from the nightmarish spyware plague known as discord, I have decided to set up an unofficial Neocities-centric IRC channel. If you're interested, head over to #Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net! You can hop on via your web browser by using the Mibbit link, although I highly recommend using a client such as Irssi or HexChat for the optimal IRC experience.

In other news, I added a new link to the Dock, to the excellent Ancient-Greek.net, a genuine Web 1.0 style repository of information regarding Ancient Greece and, more specifically, the Ancient Greek language. I also updated the Wildcat Den with the aforementioned IRC channel information, and added a goofy dream I had a few days ago to the Somnium over at the Library of Babel.

I was recently helpfully informed that the new scrolling sidebar has an issue where the bottom links are inaccessible to people with some smaller screen resolutions. I am still contemplating which solution to pursue for this, but for anyone else experiencing the issue, I apologise for the inconvenience. Please rely on the World Map until I repair this (likely this weekend.)

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17 May 2021
It occurred to me recently how much easier this website would be to navigate in some areas if the sidebar scrolled with the page. It now does just that. I was always averse to simply using frames for the sidebar because it would hinder each section feeling like its own separate world/experience, but this is a nice compromise between frames and my original way of handling the sidebar. I really should have done this to begin with.

I also added links to Fragment and Reflect, Geocities Gallery, Autism UK, and Porkbun over at the Dock, and updated the descriptions for some of my Affiliates to better reflect the current state of their homesteads.

This update does not appear on my Neocities or RSS feeds because I don't like triggering the "cat signal" over relative "minutia".

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16 May 2021
I added song analyses for "Flood II" and "Susanne" to the Reptile House, and replaced the regular sidebar over at the Town of ZZT with a funky custom one that better suits the page's design. A few other pages will probably eventually get their own custom sidebars because of how much the default one clashes with their designs, but no promises on when that will happen

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15 May 2021
I decided to move Koshka's Kingdom to a custom domain name. From now on, you can get to this website by going to https://koshka.love. I have absolutely no plans to leave Neocities, so the old https://koshka.neocities.org URL will also still continue to work.

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12 May 2021
I updated the Somnium and the Words/Phrases That I Hate articles over at the Library of Babel, and also renamed the General Griping subsection to "Comedy/General Griping" to better fit its contents.

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08 May 2021
Quietly made another series of tiny changes around the website in the interests of aesthetics and making the website more easy to find via search engines.

After prolonged rumination on the matter, I also culled my Affiliates list down to people who link back (and a few friends.) Affiliates are still listed in order of when they were added.

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02 May 2021
I added a new page to the UFO, Discovering My Autism as an Adult, describing my journey of self-discovery after learning that I was autistic.

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01 May 2021
After spending far too much time listening to melancholic Sisters of Mercy songs, I had a vision of a more "subdued" yet still cute looking design for the Portal. I can't even keep track of how many times I've re-designed the front page, so no guarantees about how long this iteration will stick around.

I haven't been in a good enough state of mind to write much lately, but I'm hoping to have a new, much-belated page up on the UFO some time tomorrow. The last day of Autism Acceptance Month was yesterday, but better late than never!

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27 April 2021
I return from my hiatus with a new article on the UFO section - The Operating System Metaphor. I also made a series of under-the-hood changes all around the website, and gave the 404 page a spiffier design. Macula deserved better than he had.

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19 April 2021
Spurred on by the waning of Autism Acceptance Month, I decided to write up yet another new page for the UFO: Debunking the "Autism Epidemic" Myth, which presents several compelling (in my opinion) reasons to believe that the so-called explosion in autism diagnoses over the past few decades is completely nonexistent.

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18 April 2021
I added a number of new affiliates (followers) to the Portal and the Dock. That is all.

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17 April 2021
I added another new page to the UFO about the Double Empathy Problem, a fascinating theory about autistic and neurotypical interactions, and whether or not autistic differences can be considered deficiencies. Still slowly chipping away at the writer's block.

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11 April 2021
I added a new page to the UFO - Life Through Autism-Tinted Glasses - detailing various everyday experiences and events and how they can feel to an autistic person.

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10 April 2021
I replaced the buttons on the sidebar with ones that are hopefully easier to read. They look a bit off on a few sections, so I may later make custom buttons for a number of sections, similiar to what I did for the Mystery Mansion.

I haven't been updating much lately due to a perfect of storm of problems, starting with a foot injury that made it difficult to even sit for long and followed by a depressing rut that utterly sapped my mental energy and that I have not yet fully recovered from. I've been working on multiple new pages at once and constantly hitting a wall with each of them. Hopefully I will have something new up some time tomorrow or thereabouts.

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04 April 2021
In celebration of Easter, I have put up a Jazz Jackrabbit 1 shrine over on the Mystery Mansion section. This is an interactible page that requires both JavaScript and a browser that allows auto-playing background music (so not Chromium or any of its derivatives) in order to get the full effect.

I know that at least one person is waiting for the Commander Keen 4 shrine (tentatively called The Shadowlands), and that will certainly be the next shrine I do, eventually.

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Check out The Scratching Post for a complete archive of this website's updates!

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