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30 November 2021 (Late Evening)
In celebration of the Christmas holiday season, I have unveiled a completely new, festive design for the front page, including a number of graphics that I created just for the occasion. Most importantly, at the suggestion of my ever-brilliant friend ShadowM00n, Macula (seen on the bottom of the page) now has a holiday monocle and top hat! The finished product is a bit lacking because I am too drunk and tired to wrestle with .GIF colour limitations any longer, but the concept is undeniably brilliant.

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28 November 2021
After a fun weekend of Web 1.0 Archaeology, I added 29 excellent new links to the Dock, which now sports a whopping 233 total links! I also added two new categories - Comedy & Oddities, and Web Forums, to organise things a bit better. The new links added are as follows:

Internet Pioneers and Computer Hope in the Other Computer Resources category, MadTom's Pick in the ZZT category, Doom WAD station and Classic DOOM in the Doom category, Phil's Wacky Wheels Site, S&F Prod, and the Apogee FAQ in the General Retro Games category, The Shadowlands and Everything You Need to Know About Vampires in the Mysticism and Supernatural category, Boards.ie and B3TA in the Web Forums category, Neil's Pennsylvania Home Page and Horace 'Kicker' Vallas in the Comedy & Oddities category, Kat's Corner, Erowid, Totse, Dissolved Girl (rest in peace), Contemplations From the Marianas Trench, Send Coffee, Obsolete Computer Museum, Encyclopaedia Metallum, The Meditative Cat, The Cephalopod Page, RussianSpaceWeb, Moose Creek Nike Site, and Almighty Guru in the Miscellaneous category, and LittleSis in the Politics category.

Descriptions are included with the links, as always. Happy exploring!! (:

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26 November 2021
I updated the Helpful Accommodations for Autistic People page with some additional thoughts on noise-cancelling headphones, after having purchased two separate pairs of them and used them extensively, along with a few other assorted updates and corrections.

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20 November 2021
After spending some time replaying some of my favourite ZZT games, I became inspired and decided to create a new sub-section for the Town of ZZT, dedicated to reviewing ZZT games and preserving the rich gaming history found in them. The new ZZT Game Reviews currently hosts reviews and screenshots of two classic releases from the year 1999 - Edible Vomit and PPDV - and I will be adding more as time goes on!

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14 November 2021
After studying the front pages of dozens of Web 1.0 websites that I like and noting what they did well, I decided to do another partial revamp of my own front page. Most importantly, I added a topbar with icons linking to the most popular and important sections of the website for the benefit of new visitors, along with a search bar to search the website via DuckDuckGo. I also condensed and updated the opening text, brought the Wildcat Den mailbox over to advertise the guestbook. The topbar is an experiment that I may wind up adding to every page of the Kingdom, or get rid of altogether.

I was also informed that apparently there are issues with lag when scrolling on the scrollable elements on Chromium and its forks (Chrome, Edge, etc). I'll try to find a way to fix this issue later, but for now anyone using one of these browsers is probably better off browsing the website with Pale Moon, or getting news updates from the Scratching Post. I apologise for the inconvenience.

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07 November 2021
Added a goofy dream I had last night to the Somnium, and also finally gave the page a brand new, unique design. I had been meaning to do the latter for months now but only suddenly had a perfect vision of what it should look like while mowing the lawn earlier today. I also finally added Macula to the page. Apparently I only came up with his origin story as an entity born in the extradimensional dream world of Aberra after I put up the Somnium, and never thought to give him a cameo afterward.

Finally, I have added three new Affiliates: Soukds, Actually Autistic Blogs List, and antikrist.

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31 October 2021
Halloween night is upon us, and I have arrived just in the nick of time with a spooky new fan-shrine for the classic DOS computer game Monster Bash: the Haunted Manor. Please be warned that the page largely does not work in Internet Explorer due to that browser being too incompetent to handle CSS animations, of which the page contains many. You will also need JavaScript enabled for the interactivity to work.

In other creepy news, I have fixed the broken links to the legendary creepypastas Infected Town and The Patient That Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine over on the Haunted House section and added one new Affiliate, Arez.

To anyone who may be wishing some of the existing game shrines at the Mystery Mansion had more meat to them, I am considering going back and expanding some of them eventually. To be quite frank, every single one of these shrines has been a spur-of-the-moment experiment that I made up as I went along. I never have any clue what I'm going for before I start chipping away at one of them, and I am steadily learning some useful CSS/JavaScript tricks as I work through these, some of which I really wish I had known about when working on prior shrines.

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17 October 2021
I wrote up a very drawn-out analysis of the many intersections between autism and personality disorders, on the UFO section. It turned out to be the longest thing I have put up here so far, but the subject really did turn out to be a rabbit hole that warranted all of that. Be sure to check out the Red Forest section that I put up yesterday if you have any interest in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or simply enjoy reading about goofy/obscure computer game glitches!

Once again, I have no immediate promises right now beyond the Monster Bash fan-shrine for the Mystery Mansion on Halloween. I am hoping to have the Quarry section finally up soon-ish. Macula's Maze will take a while yet as I will need to learn how to create text adventures in Inform and make sure I can get that set up via JavaScript on Neocities. Time/energy permitting, those two "missing teeth" on the sidebar will finally be filled in within the next few months.

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16 October 2021
I mentioned during my last update that I was working on eight different pages at the same time, so it is no surprise that my next completed project would in fact be a ninth page that I randomly started working on yesterday. Truly, I am the Pharaoh of starting projects, and the Jester (?) of actually completing them. Nonethless, the long-promised Red Forest section, dedicated to the legendary computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, is finally up!

If you've played the game and found some of the useless collectibles, such as the guitar and the hand_radio, and wondered if there were any others, this is a comprehensive guide to every single one of these oddities that exists in the entire game, including some whose existence is not documented anywhere else.

Additionally, at the suggestion of my friend Quillax, I have added a link to the Commander Keen website Benvolio's Workbench to the Dock. It is an ancient Web 1.0 site that hosts a number of interesting looking fan games, including a Halloween-themed one if you're looking for something seasonal.

I have been working on a veritable whale of an article (almost 8,000 words as of this writing) regarding the intersections between autism and personality disorders, a fascinating rabbit hole that went vastly deeper than I presumed it would when I started doing research on the subject, and am hoping to be done that some time tomorrow. No other short-term promises right now aside from the Monster Bash fan-shrine on Halloween, and possibly the Quarry finally getting a proper, finished design along with some actual content.

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05 October 2021
I updated the Autism Myths page with a tidbit debunking the usefulness of high/low functioning labels for autistic people, and added two new Affiliates to the Portal and the Dock - Svetlana Studios and Turtle Witch.

I have started work on a riveting (in my opinion at least!) new page for the Autism section and am hoping to have that done some time this week. The enduring radio silence has been partly due to lack of mental energy and partly because I keep starting new pages and then developing writer's block. As of right now, I have no less than eight new pages that are in some degree of development but that I am struggling to finish. It's already October so the previously promised Monster Bash fan-shrine for the Mystery Mansion will need to mosey over to that dysfunctional production line soon. My sincere apologies to anyone who may be checking back waiting for an update. ):

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26 September 2021
I added some custom sidebar buttons to Koshka's Kitchen and replaced the regular sidebar button for the Autism section with a customised one to draw more attention to that section. Also added a new Affiliate to the Portal and the Dock: the masterfully designed website Spirit Cellar here on Neocities.

It would be really nice if Neocities provided information on traffic to specific pages so that I could at least have a basic idea of what pages/sections are popular and which ones aren't. Going to assume they just don't have the resources to track and store all of that information, as I am surely far from the first person to want this feature.

I wish I had something more substantial to offer, but sadly I've been severely lacking in mental energy and time lately, to the point where I've barely even been checking my Neocities feed and have become atrocious at responding to anyone. Sadly, that stuff takes spoons that I currently don't have enough of. I have about half a dozen new pages that I've either started working on but struggling to get anywhere with or that are in my head and waiting to come out so hopefully I'll manage to end this rut soon.

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18 September 2021
Added a new article to the Library of Babel detailing the largely-forgotten history of ALL CAPS, the man who came up with it, and the timeless importance and value it carries in text-based communication.

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16 September 2021
Added two new humourous observations to the Library of Babel's Observations page. That is all.

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12 September 2021
I did a long-overdue update to the Dock, adding links (and descriptions) to Mypal, K-Meleon, KernelEx, Ungoogled Chromium, Windows 95 Tips, Windows 93, RinkWorks, wttr.in, Bad Designs, Urban Adventure in Rotterdam, Wired Sage's Learnings, Gods and Pharaohs, Emo, Jerry Lehr, Chronicles, and Vomitboyz. I also added a new category, Mysticism and Supernatural, to try to remedy the Miscellaneous category becoming utterly overgrown once again, and replaced the link to Cyber-Witch's tragically deleted website with a link to the Archive.org backup of it.

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07 September 2021
In response to a few complaints I had received about the Autism section's design being difficult to read for people with sensory-processing issues, I decided to add a handy Theme Selector to the left-hand corner of the page to allow people to change the colour scheme. Currently, there is a red and black Light it Up Red theme inspired by the anti-Autism Speaks slogan bearing the same name, as well as two plain accessibility themes, a light one and a dark one. The JavaScript code that I used for the Theme Selector was created by Christopher Heng and can be found on his wonderful website Site Wizard.

In other news, don't forget to check out the very important Why We Need Autism Acceptance and Pride article from Sunday if you have not yet done so!

Small Christmas lights
05 September 2021
I finally finished what is quite possibly the most important thing I will ever write on here: a detailed write-up on why the causes of autism acceptance and autistic pride are so desperately needed in the world. This was a very difficult article to write due to the heaviness of the subject matter, but it all desperately needed to be said. I gently beseech everyone to read this, even if you don't care much about the subject of autism, as this is something that needs far more awareness than it currently has.

I admit that this article was very long, but that is because there really was that much that had to be covered. I did my best to "kick myself under the table" whenever possible for brevity, but it still came out to be the longest thing I have ever put up on here.

Small Christmas lights
29 August 2021
And now for something completely different! I decided to finally sit down and put together an idea that has been floating around in the back of my skull, on-and-off, since the early days of this website. There is now a swanky new page over on the Library of Babel section, entitled Koshka's Kitchen, where I will be putting up various cooking and baking recipes that I have put together over the years. I decided to give it a nice funky 1950s diner aesthetic, just because I was in the mood for creating something like that.

I also wanted to formally express my gratitude to everyone who helped make possible the 100,000 viewer milestone that the Kingdom finally achieved this morning. I admit that in the early days of this place, I couldn't have cared less if anyone ever visited it or not, but the more gracious feedback I received from people who I have managed to inform or inspire in regard to the various important causes that I trumpet on here, the stronger I began to regard the importance of making this place as popular as I could. A massive thank you to every single person who reads this website! I genuinely appreciate it!

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28 August 2021
With Koshka's Kingdom being on the cusp of hitting 100,000 viewers, I thought I would put together a quick update to celebrate the milestone. I drunkenly (to stay true to the original!) wrote (and then soberly edited for grammatical errors, of which there were a great many) a second update to my Words/Phrases That I Hate article. Not one of my favourites because the first entry was a complete unapologetic drunken shitpost, but a lot of people apparently loved it so I figured it was worthy of getting yet more additions.

I must admit that I am genuinely honoured and jubilated that my humble online treehouse has managed to draw in so many people in a little over a year, even if not all of them were unique viewers. If I have managed to enlighten even a fraction of those people on any of my dear causes, then I am a happy, happy cat. I would have liked to have had something more substantial up to commemorate this day, but alas, I have been quite busy with other pursuits and too drained by ongoing mental issues to do much of anything productive in my spare time. In the end, I would rather be late but put out something of high quality, than be on time but deliver some utter rubbish.

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22 August 2021
Obligatory "yes, I'm still alive" update.

In the midst of slowly working on a new autism-related article and the first chapter of my upcoming Dragon Ball Super fanfiction, I decided to finally create some unique sidebar buttons for Per-Bast, replacing the default ones that clashed horribly with the section's colour scheme. I also decided to add an "Autism Acceptance NOW!" button around the website, inspired by those "Netscape NOW!" buttons of decades past. This will probably be the very last site-wide button I will be putting up, unless I finally get my act together and learn to automate things, as making changes to all 60+ pages of the website has become quite a vexing burden.

Finally, I added a fun dream I had last night to the Somnium. Not the most creative or inspiring one, but it was the most fun one I've had in a long time so I'm putting it there. My little online treehouse, my rules!

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15 August 2021
I completely remade the design of Mount Paozu (the Dragon Ball section), giving it a fresh and cool-looking early 2000s-esque design. I was never happy with the original design, which was a rush job I waywardly slapped together after becoming fed up with the page having no design of its own. I had to replace the sidebar with a "top bar" to give more space to the main section, but I love how it turned out ultimately. I've been working obsessively on this for the past 2 days to cope with some issues I've been having and outdid myself a bit. I even made a custom mouse cursor for this page; try hovering over a link with it!

On an unrelated note, I have taken down my contact information and withdrawn from communicating with people indefinitely due to feeling the urgent need to take a mental health break from social interaction. I don't like airing dirty laundry, so I'll simply say that sometimes the thousands of chaotic faeries that apparently govern my brain go down a dark road and I am forced to either withdraw for days/weeks/months or start becoming increasingly toxic until I burn bridges with everyone I know. I've done quite enough of that already.

Perhaps I'll at least be able to use this period to get back into the swing of things and start writing more articles, although considering I have spent the past 3 days attempting to write a new autism article without so much as putting a single word to Notepad++, I am not terribly optimistic.

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08 August 2021
Added creepypasta reviews to the Haunted House for I Found a Dead Girl's Diary, The Game of Seven Doors, In the Assassin's Orphanage, Ted the Caver, John, Charles Bonnet Syndrome, and A Shattered Life, almost all of which are sublime tales well worth a read or two. I also want to leave a note here for one of my Affiliates, Cyber-Witch, who disappeared off of Neocities over a week ago. I despise the idea of publicly making statements to/about people in this manner but my investigations have not yielded any contact information so this is the best way I can think of.

Cyber-Witch, if you happen to read this, I very much hope that you are doing alright, and that you choose to return to Neocities one day. I can say without any bias whatsoever that you have created two of the greatest websites that I have ever had the privilege of visiting in nearly 25 years of Web surfing, and it was always a pleasure to read your articles and look at your various creative webpage designs. Please consider staying in touch, and take care.

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04 August 2021
It's officially been a year since I put Koshka's Kingdom up, so I guess an obligatory "this is where the Earth was in its orbit around the Sun" update is warranted. I was planning to write up a page on my workflow and how some of the stuff on this website came about, but I've had too little energy lately to get anything done. Even this update is technically a day late (the website's first revision was on 04 August but it was registered on 03 August).

I'm pretty proud of how this website has come out thus far. Even if it initially started out as largely nothing more than a lazy, liquor-scented shitpost, I daresay that it has become an entertaining and informative source of information on many topics that are dear to my heart. Working on this website has been a thrilling passion that has gotten me through some dark times, given me a microphone for many things I had a great need to get off my chest, and given me the blessing of meeting a number of wonderful people.

A very genuine thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read anything on this website, and to everyone who has given their feedback. It warms my heart that I have been able to educate people on causes and topics important to me. In spite of the sordid current state of the Web, working on this website and exploring other websites on Neocities, has led me to appreciate, more than ever, the Web's unbridled potential as the most powerful communication method humankind has ever had.

Here's to another year of spreading autism acceptance and understanding, preaching Bast worship, promoting the good old Web, making creative fanshrines to fiction I like, infodumping on topics that interest me, and audaciously/comically shitposting! That's it for now. Koshka out.

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30 July 2021
Added one new Affiliate, Omoulo. Also felt like ranting and getting some things off my chest that don't warrant writing a new page (at this time at least...)

I feel that I have been "regressing" (for lack of a better word) at masking my natural autistic behaviours more and more over the past year or so. Being autistic, a lot of common things such as eye contact, loud noises, strong smells, etc were always painful to me, but, having escaped diagnosis as a child, I had been forced to learn to bottle these things up when around other people and consciously ignore my feelings, at least to the best of my ability. Learned behaviour that I am starting to realise is the basis for how audaciously antisocial I have been at any point past my early childhood.

Learning that I am autistic years ago and that there is a valid reason for all of my feelings and behaviours has been incredibly liberating, to make an astounding understatement. It's as if I have spent decades walking around with extremely jagged rocks in my shoes and being brow-beaten into thinking that there was nothing there and that my "pain" is just me being difficult for no reason. Only to one day be told that the pain is valid, and that there are indeed painfully sharp objects stabbing my feet any time I step on the ground, and that there's nothing wrong with taking my shoes off in order to dispose of the offending objects.

The Intense World theory's postulations on autism being characterised by information overloads due to a hyper-connected brain are absolutely in line with all of my personal observations that I have made after discovering the theory. I detest having to look at people's eyes or even their faces when speaking to them, because I notice so many things and involuntary start up so many thought processes analysing those things, that my brain essentially turns into that photograph of a schizophrenic with a giant, incomprehensible board full of random scribbled gibberish and pinned newspaper articles.

Avoiding looking at people when talking to them may seem odd or even, apparently, offensive to some people (at least those that don't know that I'm autistic), but it is so much easier for me to keep track of what my conversational partner is saying, modulate my tone of voice, not forget or bumble my own words, etc. It's akin to stripping the aforementioned metaphorical board of most of the superfluous nonsense and leaving just the few papers on it that are actually relevant to the situation.

Besides being a stressful personal struggle, I also loathe the concept of masking because it is not something that all autistic people are capable of doing, or are capable of doing for prolonged periods of time. I have read many anecdotes of how painful masking can be for autistic people who are not as "high-functioning" as I am, and/or who are forced to work in fields like customer service or retail, where they have to spend the entire day interacting with neurotypical strangers, a hell that very often leads to bad cases of autistic burnout. As such, I have been feeling a growing need to stretch people's Overton windows and normalise natural autistic behaviour.

...In retrospect, perhaps I should have just written up a new page on this.

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25 July 2021
I added yet another new page to the UFO: Things Autistics Wish Neurotypicals Knew, a general list of sentiments that I wish neurotypicals knew for making interactions better for both autistic and neurotypical people.

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23 July 2021
Added a ton of additional definitions to the Autism-Related Terminology page on the UFO, and fixed and updated some definitions that needed improvement. I hastily made the page 5 months ago when first putting up the UFO section, so there were a number of things that either needed to be written better or elaborated on, as well as many definitions that I forgot to add altogether. I also chose to add links to articles I wrote after the fact in a few places, to better clarify a few things.

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22 July 2021
I put together a short, three page "demo" of what the upcoming Macula's Maze section, for anyone curious to what it will be like, I have a lot of work to do in refining my writing skills and teaching myself JavaScript, so the finished project is still very far away, but I wanted to create a little teaser for now. The website will live on the alternate domain https://macula.neocities.org, but I will post updates here once I add anything to the Maze. MAJOR thank yous to my friend ShadowM00n for his invaluable help in proof-reading what's there so far!

On an unrelated note, please be sure to read my article on the Intense World theory of autism if you have not had a chance to see it yet, and if you're a fan of lolwut's website, you may like loliwut, a parody I made of it based on a recent IRC meme.

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18 July 2021
I sorted the pages on the UFO/Autism section into groups to make it easier to find things, and put up an iframe on the front page to spread awareness about a paedophile and terrorist who has been criminally harassing numerous people's websites, including a Neocities friend and multiple associates. Please be sure to check out my extremely important article on the Intense World theory of autism from yesterday, if you have not yet read it!

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17 July 2021
Put up what may very well be my magnum opus: a lengthy diatribe on the Intense World theory of autism and its mindblowing revelations about the neurotype. While it is quite long, I humbly request that everyone reads it, as it is possibly the most logical and informative theory that has ever been put forth both for explaining autism and explaining why autism is a perfectly healthy and natural neurotype, and not some disorder to be cured.

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10 July 2021
I suddenly remembered that I had somehow completely neglected to add a review/link to the classic feelspasta Love to the Haunted House and set about promptly correcting the situation. I also added three new recent Affiliates to the Portal and the Dock. I've been slacking on writing lately due to depression and a resulting complete lack of energy or mtoivation, but I'm hoping to be back in the game soon.

I plan on doing some research on cooling weighted blankets because I sorely need a way to deal with my issues during these loathsome summer/spring months without my own body heat setting me aflame. I adore my current one but I am beginning to accept that for a person like me, it is only possible to survive under it for the entire night, when it is the dead of winter and the heating is completely switched off. I will update the Autism Accommodations article with knowledge on this matter if my endeavour is successful.

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04 July 2021
After spending all day working away at it, I have finally put up the long-awaited Commander Keen 4 fan-shrine, The Shadowlands, over at the Mystery Mansion. I focused a little too heavily on random CSS tricks to the detriment of actual content in the Jazz Jackrabbit fan-shrine, so I wound up making this one as a sort-of in-between the style of that one and the Doom fan-shrine.

I'll still be putting up new content for other sections as usual, but the Mystery Mansion probably won't be seeing another update until the Monster Bash fan-shrine (Haunted Manor) on Halloween of this year and the Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Christmas Chronicles fan-shrine (Burrowsville) this Christmas. That's all for now. Happy Independence Day to American visitors!

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Check out The Scratching Post for a complete archive of this website's updates!

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