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25 July 2021
I added yet another new page to the UFO: Things Autistics Wish Neurotypicals Knew, a general list of sentiments that I wish neurotypicals knew for making interactions better for both autistic and neurotypical people.

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23 July 2021
Added a ton of additional definitions to the Autism-Related Terminology page on the UFO, and fixed and updated some definitions that needed improvement. I hastily made the page 5 months ago when first putting up the UFO section, so there were a number of things that either needed to be written better or elaborated on, as well as many definitions that I forgot to add altogether. I also chose to add links to articles I wrote after the fact in a few places, to better clarify a few things.

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22 July 2021
I put together a short, three page "demo" of what the upcoming Macula's Maze section, for anyone curious to what it will be like, I have a lot of work to do in refining my writing skills and teaching myself JavaScript, so the finished project is still very far away, but I wanted to create a little teaser for now. The website will live on the alternate domain https://macula.neocities.org, but I will post updates here once I add anything to the Maze. MAJOR thank yous to my friend ShadowM00n for his invaluable help in proof-reading what's there so far!

On an unrelated note, please be sure to read my article on the Intense World theory of autism if you have not had a chance to see it yet, and if you're a fan of lolwut's website, you may like loliwut, a parody I made of it based on a recent IRC meme.

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18 July 2021
I sorted the pages on the UFO/Autism section into groups to make it easier to find things, and put up an iframe on the front page to spread awareness about a paedophile and terrorist who has been criminally harassing numerous people's websites, including a Neocities friend and multiple associates. Please be sure to check out my extremely important article on the Intense World theory of autism from yesterday, if you have not yet read it!

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17 July 2021
Put up what may very well be my magnum opus: a lengthy diatribe on the Intense World theory of autism and its mindblowing revelations about the neurotype. While it is quite long, I humbly request that everyone reads it, as it is possibly the most logical and informative theory that has ever been put forth both for explaining autism and explaining why autism is a perfectly healthy and natural neurotype, and not some disorder to be cured.

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10 July 2021
I suddenly remembered that I had somehow completely neglected to add a review/link to the classic feelspasta Love to the Haunted House and set about promptly correcting the situation. I also added three new recent Affiliates to the Portal and the Dock. I've been slacking on writing lately due to depression and a resulting complete lack of energy or mtoivation, but I'm hoping to be back in the game soon.

I plan on doing some research on cooling weighted blankets because I sorely need a way to deal with my issues during these loathsome summer/spring months without my own body heat setting me aflame. I adore my current one but I am beginning to accept that for a person like me, it is only possible to survive under it for the entire night, when it is the dead of winter and the heating is completely switched off. I will update the Autism Accommodations article with knowledge on this matter if my endeavour is successful.

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04 July 2021
After spending all day working away at it, I have finally put up the long-awaited Commander Keen 4 fan-shrine, The Shadowlands, over at the Mystery Mansion. I focused a little too heavily on random CSS tricks to the detriment of actual content in the Jazz Jackrabbit fan-shrine, so I wound up making this one as a sort-of in-between the style of that one and the Doom fan-shrine.

I'll still be putting up new content for other sections as usual, but the Mystery Mansion probably won't be seeing another update until the Monster Bash fan-shrine (Haunted Manor) on Halloween of this year and the Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Christmas Chronicles fan-shrine (Burrowsville) this Christmas. That's all for now. Happy Independence Day to American visitors!

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03 July 2021
I put up a new article over at the UFO: Helpful Accommodations for Autistic People, which takes a look at some accommodations that can help autistic people function better in life.

In other news, I would like to announce that Koshka's Kingdom has finally hit 50,000 total unique daily viewers and a grand total of over 272,000 total page hits! A grateful thank you to everyone who has made this milestone possible! I honestly would never have imagined when I first started out, that this website would come anywhere near this far, but it's been a treat the entire way being able to create fun and informative webpages and entertain and educate people from all over about causes dear to my heart, and my various autistic obsessions.

I've also managed to meet some truly wonderful people both here on Neocities and in the unofficial Neocities IRC channel (#Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net) and received some very heartwarming feedback from numerous people, all of which I greatly appreciate. All-in-all, this has been a very fulfilling adventure, and I look forward to seeing where it takes me next. (:

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02 July 2021
I had a vision of a tree mailbox on the Wildcat Den denoting the Contact Me portion of the page and decided to make it a reality. I have several new pages marinating in my head that I hope to put up over the next month, one probably tomorrow.

In other news, after becoming amused by the concept of a glorified shitposting website, Facebook, having its own "Supreme Court" I decided to follow suit with some audacious and meaningless titles of my own.

Effective as of this declaration, I am the Supreme Galactic Monarch of Koshka's Kingdom, Macula is the Royal Seer (these terrible eye-related puns will never end) and Grand Vizier, and my dear friends ShadowM00n and Tejr have the honourary ranks of Elder Royal Counsellors for their invaluable advice which has helped shape this website. The Kingdom will now also claim jurisdiction over the entire Andromeda Galaxy in order to justify my ludicrous title. This will remain in effect until an intelligent species residing in said galaxy stakes a more convincing claim for this territory.

I also plan to establish an Ultimate Divine Cosmic Court in the Andromeda Galaxy to levy petty punishments on people who offend me with loud noises and eye contact handle legal matters pertinent to Koshka's Kingdom in a noble, fair, and responsible fashion, just as soon as I can devise a lucid plan for how I will pay for the rather grandiose expenditure this harebrained plot shall incur. Any day now, surely!

The Court shall be staffed by Macula and any well-educated and reputable individuals that are willing to volunteer to live and practice law out of a foreign galaxy. I currently have six (6) openings for a total of seven (7) Ultimate Divine Cosmic Justices. I went with seven due to the number's divine associations, and because I fear being unable to remember nine different people's names. That is all for now.

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28 June 2021
After a moderate amount of effort, I have finally finished making all 60+ pages of Koshka's Kingdom m*bile-fr**ndly render well on smaller screens. The only exceptions are KamiTube and Diamondus (Jazz Jackrabbit shrine) because I decided making those two pages work well on any sized screen was more trouble than it'd be worth. I also added a new Affiliate (Dannarchy) and added another Affiliate (Ancient-Greek.net) to the front page after realising I had forgotten to do so because I apparently can no longer keep anything straight.


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26 June 2021
I updated The Conflagration (Jiren fan-shrine) with an analysis of what Jiren's wish in the Anime might be, and a selection of Anime and manga quotes from the all-powerful Grey. Elsewhere, I have done much work under-the-hood in making the website render better on smaller screens. Some pages still look like crap, but most of the website should load fairly well on any screen at this point.

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19 June 2021
A friend in the #Neocities IRC channel brought to my attention that my image maps weren't functioning in Chromium and its forks for some reason. I looked into the matter and found out that for some some mysterious reasons, the valid XHTML 1.1 Strict syntax for image maps was not supported in these browsers! Luckily, I was able to find a workaround that required changing the standards on the affected pages to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

As of this writing, the World Map on the Portal and World Map pages, as well as the Explorer window on the Mystery Mansion page should now be working fine in all modern(-ish) browsers. *Knocks on wood.* Since Chromium (lamentably) has over 60% of market share in the Web browser world, I felt this change was worthy of an official announcement.

In other news, I finally got my crap together and fixed the RSS feed to fully adhere to official standards, and added a verification button to the Portal to mark the occasion. Exciting news, I know.

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18 June 2021
Happy Autistic Pride Day!! In honour of the holiday, I put up a long and detailed look into many potentially mystifying behaviours that many of us autistic folks do, and the reasons for said behaviours, over at the UFO, in order to hopefully foster more understanding and acceptance.

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15 June 2021
Made changes to the Per-Bast and UFO sections to make them render much better on smaller screens. Been too busy dealing with a slew of other problems to do more, but I'm satisfied having the two most important sections on the website finally made accessible to everyone, more or less.

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14 June 2021
In the interests of accommodating a friend who reads my site on their phone, I have altered my trajectory and embarked on a journey to... Bast forgive me for uttering these words... make this website more... mobile-friendly. *Furiously spits on the ground in an attempt to alleviate the disgust of having those words sully my tongue.*

Ahem. I've done some research on the matter, and the way it works means that you fellow sublime PC users will not notice any difference on your end. The website will merely arrange itself differently when presented with a computer that has disabilities (in other words, is 800 pixels in width or less). So far the Wildcat Den and Scratching Post are the only sections that have had these adjustments made.

While it's still comically broken on mobile, I've also done some beautification on the World Map after being inspired by the style of some of Cyber-Witch's illustrious website designs. That's all for now. Koshka out. ❤❤❤

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13 June 2021
I put up a detailed analysis of the Sisters of Mercy song "Under the Gun" to the Reptile House, a song that was the favourite Sisters song of my deceased best friend Drac0, as well as one of the most interesting and complicated songs the Sisters have ever made. No immediate plans for what I'll be doing next or when I will be doing it, but since June 18th is Autistic Pride Day, I will most certainly write up something new for the UFO.

As always, be sure to drop by the Neocities IRC channel #Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net!

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11 June 2021
I did some beautification over on the Scratching Post. I made the text more readable by adding a semi-transparent background colour at ShadowM00n's suggestion, and split the updates into seasons and created a pretty image for each season. It's an insipid throwaway page that's only there as an reference, but I desire for everything on this site to be gorgeous, so this was something that needed to be done.

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10 June 2021
I am happy to announce that the entirety of Koshka's Kingdom (~61 pages as of this writing!) has been validated to XHTML1.1 and CSS3 standards, aside from the Jazz Jackrabbit shrine and the Reptile House, both of which use html5 for background music, and the latter of which also uses Internet Explorer's <bgsound> tag to provide a background MIDI to the few who still use a browser capable of utilising the tag.

As some may know, I harbour a vendetta against html5 for (among other reasons) introducing a background music tag without any support for MIDIs, thereby spitting in the face of decades of Web heritage. Nonethless, those two issues aside, the entire website should finally be up to standards.

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06 June 2021
Surprise!! I added a small little fan-shrine to the one-and-only Ribrianne (Brianne de Chateau) from Dragon Ball Super to the Dragon Ball section. While she is not at all my favourite character, I have been very disheartened by the amount of vitriol that exists towards her, and wanting to create a little something on the other side of spectrum. In less interesting news, I also validated the goofy Dragon Ball AF Super page to... HTML 3.2 standards.

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05 June 2021
I added a new page to the UFO, detailing my personal thoughts on the controversial autistic phenomenon known as autigender (not an actual gender.) I had been sitting on this article for the past two months, pondering whether to finish it, due to the controversy minefield of anything even remotely concerning gender or sexuality. However, this is a matter dear to my heart, and I might as well delete the Library of Babel if I am going to start avoiding controversy, so here it is.

Before I finish, don't forget to get on IRC at #Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net! I promise we don't bite. (:

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01 June 2021
Updated the Dock with links to Inkscape, the W3 Validator, Little Web Hut, DevGuru, LÆMEUR's Home Page, the official Doom FAQ, GOTH ZONE here on Neocities, Human Raccoon, and perhaps most impressively, a digital recreation of the fabled Library of Babel! Also updated a couple of Affiliate links to be more up to date. You can find descriptions for the links over on the Dock itself. Happy surfing!

Finally, I added a new button to promote the unofficial Neocities IRC channel, #Neocities on IRC.Rizon.net. Be sure to drop by and say hi! I'll try to be around every day from at least 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM EST.

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Check out The Scratching Post for a complete archive of this website's updates!

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