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When you spend time away from IRC, you spend time with Hitler! Join KoshkaIRC TODAY!

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Star. Majin Tween's Microsoft Comic Chat Page
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Star. IRC is the Only Viable Chat Protocol

Welcome to KoshkaIRC

KoshkaIRC is a brand new Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network seeking to revive the majestic old Internet by providing a friendly and comfy yet pro-free speech environment for people all around the world to meet and communicate with other like-minded individuals. Utilising the time-tested, free, and de-centralised protocol that is IRC, KoshkaIRC embodies the free and open spirit that the Internet as a whole once proudly had.

Mentioned in the header of this page, 2003 was the year that IRC hit its absolute peak in terms of usership, and is a year that I look back at quite fondly. A time before NORPs invaded and colonised the Internet, a whimsical and wild time when netizens understood that the Internet was not serious business, and would laugh uproariously at any claim to the contrary.

In the years following 2003, usage of IRC declined dramatically, largely due to users migrating towards modern proprietary platforms such as Discord and Facebook Messenger. This has been an absolute tragedy for the Internet for a number of reasons, which I have dedicated an entire article to.

The exodus from IRC went hand-in-hand with the exodus of users away from decentralised Web forums to Reddit and social media. And with these migrations away from free and traditional communication protocols to proprietary spyware ones, came a loss of freedom and old Internet values such as freedom of speech and the aforementioned knowledge that nothing on the Internet should be taken seriously. Values that were replaced by those befitting pearl-clutching NORPs and powerful technology and advertising corporations.

Although the glorious Internet of old will never fully return, it can live on in small, dedicated pockets full of people who understand and miss its values. Much like the decentralised network of majestic Web 1.0 websites that still covertly dot the Web's landscape keep the spirit of the old Internet alive, I wanted to create my own lantern at the top of a hill as a warm and inviting beacon to any other people seeking a sanctum from the frigid and soulless modern corporate Internet.

Whether you're an autistic person seeking like-minded companionship, an old Web/computing/gaming nostalgic, or just a chatter looking for a friendly free speech environment to hang out in, KoshkaIRC welcomes you with open arms.

You can connect to KoshkaIRC via irc.koshka.love:6697 for SSL encryption (strongly recommended) and irc.koshka.love:6667 for a regular, unencrypted connection. The main channels are # (loosely moderated) and #speakez (almost entirely anarchic), although a number of others have also been established, and everyone is free to start their own channel(s) and run them as they see fit. The (very few) network rules can be found in the MOTD at the bottom of this page.

The mascot of KoshkaIRC, Angel Cat (seen on the top left of the page), is the creation of the very talented Japanese artist Momomo, who created the character as a Microsoft Comic Chat mascot, which is often donned by both a friend of mine and myself. Seeing as the name for the network (and also my online moniker), is meant to be a memento to my deceased cat, I think it is a fitting choice.

KoshkaIRC runs on the UnrealIRCd IRC server technology, and utilises Anope IRC services for its main service bots.

Community Events

Star. Comic Chat Caturday - A weekly all-day event dedicated to chatting in the dedicated Microsoft Comic Chat channel #comicchat. Although Comic Chat discussions occur in that channel throughout the week, Saturday is specifically set aside due to differing timezones making the activity difficult to accomplish on weekdays.

For the unitiated, Microsoft Comic Chat is an ingenious IRC client that displays an IRC channel as an in-progress comic strip, with each user being able to pick an avatar for themselves and punctuate everything they write with character-specific emotes. In addition to being an invaluable communication tool for autistic people, it is also prone to being absolutely hilarious, as this example screenshot shows (for reference, I am Garfield in this one).

For more information on Comic Chat, please check out Mermeliz's massive Comic Chat site and Human Raccoon's hilarious page dedicated to humourous out-of-context Comic Chat screenshots. For Linux users, my good friend ShadowM00n has also created an invaluable guide on how to set Comic Chat up using Wine. You can also find these links in the Recommended Reading section near the bottom left of this page.

Star. KoshkaTV - Movies/anime are streamed on the Koshka's Kingdom Owncast server based on community demand, usually on the weekend. Requests for films can be made in #. Eventually, Markovka will be able to take requests and allow people to vote, but for now, everything is done by hand on IRC.

Star. Multiplayer Gaming - Multiplayer team-ups are organised via KoshkaIRC occasionally whenever enough people are interested. Currently, only co-op Doom games are done, but potential events for Wacky Wheels and newer games will likely begin in the future also.


Star. Markovka - A steadily-growing all-purpose IRC bot that is a fork of the Sadface IRC Markov bot. Markovka can do anything from sending public postponed messages to saving and pulling quotes from her quotes database. Full documentation of her functions can be found here. Star. HostServ - Although KoshkaIRC automatically masks your IP address for privacy reasons, many users may want to be identified with a completely custom "vanity" hostmask (VHost). HostServ provides this functionality to anyone with a registered nick. Just message HostServ with "help" to learn more!

Star. MemoServ - A very useful alternative to Markovka's postponed messages function, MemoServ allows you to send private messages to anyone with a registered nickname. Message MemoServ with "help" to learn more! Star. NickServ - NickServ allows you to register nicknames and link them to each other to ensure that no one else steals your monikers, and that you retain any access privileges you have been granted in a channel. Message NickServ with "help" to learn more!

Star. ChanServ - Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to set up their own home on KoshkaIRC and govern it as they see fit. ChanServ can be used to register channels and to set a variety of options for channels that you own. Message ChanServ with "help all" to learn more! Star. BotServ - For anyone with a channel who wishes to have a basic bot in it to filter certain words, make announcements, greet people, and so forth, BotServ can allow you to recruit a network service as a bot for this task. Message BotServ with "help" to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Star. Why was no one speaking when I joined? - A wiser man than myself once summarised the nature of IRC very well: "you need to understand the concept of IRC. You join, you say hey, you go to bed and wake up and get a reply." Although things are usually not quite this dire, there is indeed a good reason that most people who use IRC are perpetually connected via either a Screen/Tmux session or an IRC bouncer.

While there are definitely many periods of great activity, KoshkaIRC, like any other IRC network, is visited by people from timezones all over the world, and activity is dependent on enough people being awake and being at liberty to chat. If no one else is talking when you join, you can always choose to either wait or come back at a later time.

Star. What IRC client should I use? - The beauty of IRC is that it is an open and ancient protocol, meaning that you are not tied to any specific client or required to use the latest and sleekest version in order to get online. Indeed, while designing this page, I spent time on IRC using multiple clients from the 90s purely out of nostalgia.

My personal IRC client recommendation is the terminal-based Linux client Irssi because it is quite lightweight, customiseable, powerful, compact, and can run inside Screen or Tmux, allowing you to login to your session from anywhere via SSH. For Windows, the most popular client is likely HexChat. WeeChat is another popular terminal client that is an alternative to Irssi. There are of course numerous other clients out there if none of these are to your liking.

Although it's not recommended, you can also get on IRC without installing a client by using a Web chat client such as KiwiIRC. You can find an embedded KiwiIRC instance for KoshkaIRC at the bottom of this page.

Star. How do I share files/images on IRC? - While IRC was invented in an era where Internet speeds were vastly slower than those that most people have access to today, and thus did not come with support for sharing images and other files in a chatroom like some newer platforms do, IRC does allow for client-to-client file transfers between two people using the DCC command.

For sharing of images across an entire chatroom, this can still be accomplished by simply uploading an image to a free temporary storage website such as Catbox, Uguu.se, or Pasteboard (or alternately, your own server) and then pasting the link to the image on IRC.

MOTD (Message of the Day)

Last updated on 24 July 2022

.N.                           _.                    _____  ._____     ____   
NN) JN)               JN     (N)                (NNNNNNN"(NNNN""NN.  NNF4NN  
(N)JNN                NN._.  (N)NN                  NN      NN .NN) JNF  NN L
(NNNNNN.  .NNL  JNNNN)(NNNN) (NNNF  .NNN           .NN      NNNNN" .NN   "" N
NNF` `4N).NN4NN NNNNL.(NN NN.JNNN_ .NN4N)          (N)     (NNNL   (N)      N
NN     NN(N) (N)._ 4NN(N) NN(NN`4NL(N)NNL_         JNL_JN) .NNNNL._(NN   ._. 

Welcome to KoshkaIRC, a cute and comfy bastion of old Web/computing/gaming nostalgia and autism acceptance, and the official IRC network of Koshka's Kingdom (https://koshka.love)!!

Please be advised that KoshkaIRC follows traditional Internet IRCOp operating procedures. That is to say, Koshka (and any IRCOps that he may appoint) are neutral entities outside of any channels that they themselves own. IRCOp(s) will NOT use their power to intervene in any channel discussions, regardless of the subject, except in the case of illegal activity, or when the security of the Network and/or its users is at stake.

Barring such drastic cases, any IRC channels on KoshkaIRC not owned by an IRCOp are independent entities that are free to govern themselves however they see fit, as long as they are not breaking Network rules.

THAT BEING SAID, Koshka fully understands that many people just want a place to have peaceful and civilised discussions safe from the many sordid phenomena that pro-free speech environments on the modern Internet are so often tainted with. To that end, he has established # (yes, that's the channel name), which serves as the official Network channel and is governed by far stricter rules than the Network itself, which you may read below.

You are, of course, also more than welcome to start and promote your own channel if you find #'s rules to be insufficiently (or overly) strict. You can also visit #speakez , the other official channel of the server, for less restricted discussion.

.~.~.~Network-Wide Rules~.~.~.
1. No illegal activity or conspiracy/discussion of committing illegal activity.
2. No doxing.
3. No harassment. You are perfectly free to say whatever you wish (as long as it is permitted by the rules of the channel you are in), but people are also free to avoid having to read it without being forced to flee the Network.
4. Koshka is a benevolent yet occasionally mercurial Monarch.
5. All users must have facemasks around their CPUs at all times to prevent spyware infections from potential malicious actors.
6. You've always been the new you. You want this to be true.

.~.~.~# Rules~.~.~.
1. No flaming. Banter is fine, but harassment, flaming, sexism, etc. will be actively punished.
2. No political or religious arguments. No one is going to change their worldview because L33tSk8r2000 called them an idiot on IRC anyway.
3. No sexual/adult discussions or links.
4. Please refrain from overusing vulgar language.
5. Flooding is partially allowed, but ONLY under two conditions:
a. You may not abuse Markovka's functions (notably her !attn and !remind functions) for flooding. The rationale is that while anyone can safely /ignore a flooder, they will miss out on postponed messages sent to them and be unable to take advantage of the bot's functionality if they are forced to /ignore her.
b. You must have flood control disabled in your IRC client for KoshkaIRC. This will allow your flood to come through in one instantaneous swoop instead of steadily and continually disrupting discussion.

We have a number of generic IRC services. You can use NickServ to register your nickname(s), ChanServ to register channel(s), MemoServ to send and receive memos from other users with registered nicks, and use HostServ to give yourself a custom hostname (VHost). There is also an all-purpose chatbot named Markovka, whose instruction manual can be read here: https://koshka.love/irc/markovka.html

The Network has a number of fun community events, including Doomsday (cooperative Doom games organised in #doomsday) and Comic Chat Caturday (an all-day Microsoft Comic Chat-centric event in #comicchat). Additional events are being tentatively discussed, so please speak up if you have any suggestions!

People who disrespect the regulations of KoshkaIRC can and WILL be sentenced to the ultimate punishment: they will be forced to join #TheCorner to sit and think about what they've done!!!!

KiwiIRC WebChat Interface