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ZZT is an MS-DOS game created by the famous Tim Sweeney back in 1991. ZZT is mostly known not for its multi-episode base game, but for the extremely prolific catalogue of games that were created by a community of fans, mostly during the 90s and early 2000s. While limited by its very basic ANSI graphics, ZZT contains a built-in world editor to allow the player to create their own custom games. The ease of use and impressive level of customisation has allowed for the creation of many very creative and incredible games over the years.

Below you can find a few of my own games that I've created and still find worthy enough to put online. If you want to download ZZT and look through the main archive of fan-made worlds that exist for it, you can find all of that at If you find ZZT interesting, please make sure to check the Dock for links to some of the best ZZT fansites still standing as of this writing.

My Games

I have a long catalogue of ZZT games that I've made, dating back to 2003, but since most of them are objectively awful and cringey (quite a few date back to when I was 11-12 years old and the vast majority come from before I even turned 20) I am not going to include them here.

ZZT Smiley Santa's Lil' Helper - A Christmasy game I made in back in early 2014, when I still went under the moniker "CatouttaHell". Like many of my other games, this one is done in the unique style of the legendary ZZTer Viovis and is very abstract and random. Be warned that this game utilises some weird, unique effects that allow objects to clip out of the game world and it WILL cause the game to either crash or lock up at the end screen. It also breaks the status bar thingy on the right of the screen, so you'll want to restart ZZT if you plan to play anything else after playing this. Here's a screenshot of one of the boards from this game, which I used my Windows 98 PC to create for maximum nostalgia.

ZZT Smiley Finding Frankbutt - An unfinished game that I was working on back in 2014-2015-ish. It was meant to be a grand Viovisian adventure in the spirit of PPDV2. It was inspired by an IRC spambot with the odd name "frankbutt," but I never got around to finishing it and at this point I'm no longer even sure where I was going with it. I'm probably never going to finish it, but I do like what I made so far, so I'm putting it up here as it is for the hell of it. There are a few weird parts (notably the player character's name being "fillthisinlater" and a few of the boards being completely empty or unfinished) that are artefacts of me dropping this mid-development.

I have three more ZZT games that I am very slowly pecking away at, that I am not sure I will ever actually get anywhere with, so I don't want to go into detail about any of them yet. Perhaps one day this page will be updated once more...

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