UFO (Autism)

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Autism-Related Terminology

Animated UFO Cognitive Empathy - The ability to understand another person's emotions by observing them, or to put oneself into another person's shoes. While autistic people tend towards having less cognitive empathy than neurotypicals do, this does not actually have any effect on emotional empathy.

Animated UFO Dyspraxia - A neurological disorder comorbid with autism, that primarily affects motor skills. While dyspraxia is not related in any way to intelligence, it can cause a wide variety of issues with posture, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, handwriting, etc.

Animated UFO Echolalia - A behaviour exhibited by some autistic people that manifests in repetition of specific words, phrases, or noises. In "lower-functioning" autistics, especially children, this may be an unorthodox attempt to communicate, while in others it might be a quiet way of verbally stimming to resolve stress.

Animated UFO Emotional Empathy - The ability to feel another person/animal's emotions and to feel compassion towards them. While there is a correlation between autism and lower levels of cognitive empathy, there is no evidence that autistic people are any less capable of emotional empathy than neurotypicals.

Animated UFO Masking - The very uncomfortable practice of suppressing natural autistic behaviours in order to not offend neurotypical social norms. This can include anything from forcing oneself to make eye contact with people, to refraining from stimming, to hiding the distress one is feeling due to offensive sounds or smells. Masking can easily lead to a meltdown depending on the degree that a person is masking, and how long they are forced to maintain the facade.

Animated UFO Meltdown - An intense reaction to an overwhelming event including but not limited to sensory overload, abrupt and serious changes in routine, stress, and so on. Depending on the severity of the situation and where on the spectrum a person is, a meltdown can involve anything from irritability or quiet withdrawal from the situation, to physical violence. Autistic meltdowns are not tantrums, which are purposeful and voluntary outbursts intended to manipulate people into submitting to the person's demands.

Animated UFO Neurodiversity - A movement to recognise and celebrate the diversity of human minds, including autism and other neurotypes that have been pathologised and/or treated as illnesses or disorders.

Animated UFO Neurotypical - Someone who isn't autistic, or alternatively, someone who isn't in some way neurodivergent. Neurotypicals generally have sensory tolerances that society accommodates, and develop through life at rates that society expects.

Animated UFO Sensory Overload - A state of overwhelm that occurs as a result of excess sensory input. Causes include a wide variety of reasons including but not limited to loud noises, bright/flashing lights, too many simultaneous conversations, and so on. Sensory overload can cause a person to become irritable and stressed, and in severe cases can lead to a meltdown. Sensory overloads are not limited to autistic people and their occurrences are dependent on a person's sensory sensitivities.

Animated UFO Stimming - Also commonly known as "self-stimulatory behaviour," stimming refers to any repetitive actions that autistics (and some neurotypicals!) make in order to relieve anxiety or other negative emotions. Think of an impatient businessperson tapping their foot or fidgeting with their hands. Stimming commonly involves physical movements such as rocking back and forth, flicking fingers, flapping hands, etc; but it can also involve making repetitive noises (echolalia.) Understandably, stimming can also be quite a wonderful way of rocking out to music.

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