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Random Humourous Observations

Many people apparently believe that their deceased loved ones/friends can watch them from Heaven, and possibly even perform interventions for them. I sometimes get very curious about how the mechanics of such things work, if this is in fact true. For instance, how often do the deceased accidentally look into their "crystal balls" while the person they love is having sex or masturbating? Do people with such beliefs ever stop while in the shower and begin fretting that their creepy dead Uncle Howie is peeping on them from the great beyond? Do they ever worry that their dead parents are judging their eating habits when they look down and see them pooping for the 7th time that day?

It always seemed ironic to me that treating someone in a humane manner is defined as being kind and compassionate towards them, even though humans are the only living beings on the planet who engage in torture, slavery, genocide, and many other atrocities, and are of the minority of mammal species that murder their own kind. That is not covering the wanton animal genocide and environmental destruction that humans are engaging in all over the planet. The prospect of being treated in a "humane" way sounds positively nightmarish.
Bureaucracy is the dim-witted sibling of organised religion. Both of them involve blindly believing and following often illogical directives based simply on the fact that someone once wrote them on a piece of paper. The main difference is that religious people can at least be forgiven due to believing their orders came from God, while bureaucrats demonstrate that same blind obedience towards commandments put forth by some clueless, nameless ignoramus in a corporate or government office.
It mortifies me to see people facing years or decades in prison simply for storming the U.S. Congress. I never thought I would live to see dumpster diving become a felony.
Vampires are known for performing a rather intimate act on a person's neck, which kills them and then raises them from the dead. I sometimes wonder if this has anything to do with why the word "necromancer" is pronounced "neck-romancer."